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5 thoughts on “Some sort of Muslim caused teen riot in Sweden over some sort of sexual behavioral issue

  1. As in every incident i have seen like this in nordic countries, many people must have seen it/watched it, they never call the police – I saw none and no cars stopped. this mob just carried on its merry way, chasing the one in white jacket.

  2. Here’s the story.

    Someone started an Instagram-account posting pictures and sexually explicit rumors about young teenage girls at the school and their apparent sexual partners.

    A lot of people were upset, and rumors started flying about was to blame for the Instagram-account.

    But because we these days have a lot of muslims in Sweden the anger felt by the students escalated into riots and fights similar to what you see on TV from the middle east, and they attacked people they thought were responsible based on pure rumors. Almost like a witch-hunt.

    Young people, some of them 14 years old, acting like…animals.

    Welcome to Sweden.

  3. Is it any wonder that we have reached a point in western societies where there is no respect for the law and the people of enforce the law. Why is it that teenagers can attack police officers without any consequences? Oh ya! it’s because we let them. These officers in the video didn’t run away. They simply left because they knew there was nothing they could do . . . that is without getting themselves in trouble with their superiors and the parents. Welcome to the new world.

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