A couple of articles on the failure to treat Islam as a military problem and the consequence of treating it as a criminal one

 Abu Qatada receives £500,000 in UK legal aid to fight deportation

Abu Qatada
Abu Qatada’s legal aid bill in the UK has topped £500,000 (Picture: PA)

Terror suspect Abu Qatada has received more than £500,000 in legal aid from the UK to help him fight the government’s attempts to have him deported.

The Legal Services Commission (LSC), which deals with legal aid in England and Wales, confirmed it had paid out £515,778 by December 5 – with the total expected to rise further.

Labour MP Valerie Vaz obtained the figure in a written parliamentary answer by justice minister Jeremy Wright.

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And this one:

Jihad Watch:

UK: Bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe gets $725,000 home at taxpayer expense

Qatada.jpgSuch a relief to know he’s being well cared-for

The British authorities must think that they win the hearts and minds of Muslims by doing things like this. They will, eventually, be disabused of this notion. “Hate preacher Abu Qatada’s new £450,000 four bedroom home – paid for by you,” by Russell Myers for the
Daily Mail, December 15:

Radical preacher Abu Qatada has moved into a new taxpayer-funded house worth £450,000 near to a church – and the furious owner wants him out.The fanatical Muslim, who preached hate sermons towards the West – arrived in the leafy suburb of North-West London last week.

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4 Responses to A couple of articles on the failure to treat Islam as a military problem and the consequence of treating it as a criminal one

  1. Truthiocity says:

    Jesus. Don’t they have stairwells in that country?

  2. Softly Bob says:

    It really. really, makes me sick. I’d heard enough bad news about this bearded, gloating bastard as it is, but now this. It looks like the clueless British establishment has already decided to pre-empt Sharia and is forking out the jizyah already. Please stop the World, I want to get off!

  3. DP111 says:

    Meanwhile Tommy Robinson languishes in jail on trumped charges – oops no charges in court yet.

    Correction -Meanwhile Tommy Robinson languishes in jail on charges of vilifying the “religion of peace”. Further details will; be released when available from SA.

  4. Richard says:

    This is so bizarre that no fiction author would dare right about it.

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