The constitution problem in Egypt:

The following post was sent to me from France. I also have an interview with the Egyptian politician, a man who has over 100,000 registered members of his freedom party and stands very publicly against Morsi and the new sharia based constitution.

Unfortunately the audio is so poor that after many days and many many hours of attempting to reconstruct it I have not been able to translate it for titles. But I am hoping that one of the people present at the interview will send me a French transcript and I will be able to work off of that.

Meanwhile, here is an article about the man interviewed and what happened to him within 48 hours of the interview he did in Paris.

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–        The Constituent Assembly was originally elected by Parliament in March 2012, before being dissolved by a court in April after it was deemed unconstitutional. A second Assembly was elected by Parliament during the summer. The Assembly produced a 234 article draft constitution, and approved each article individually during a 19 hour meeting starting on 29 November.

–        The second constituent assembly was Islamist dominated and has the same defects that the first assembly has; a lot of lawsuits were issued.


Current situation:

1-     In November 2012 Morsi issued a Constitutional Declaration that was refused by most of the civil groups and parties (Not Islamist ) for the following reasons:

2-     The presidential declarations and decisions are irreversible and cannot be revised by any judicial forces. (Which make his decisions to be treated like divine decisions and himself and his authority above the people’s authority).

3-     General attorney to be named with a presidential decision.

4-     Shura(senate) council  and the Constituent Assembly are not to be dissolved by any means, nor the juridical  means.

5-     A lot of decisions followed such as: isolating the general attorney and hiring a MB  general attorney (who was known for his corruption at Bahrain … one of the reasons why the revolution was killed there)

–       Protesters from all groups refused this declaration and demonstrate against this in Tharir Square and Ethadia palace (the presidential palace). (Tuesday 27th , November 2012)

Microsoft WordScreenSnapz001

Supporters of Morsi and MB and Salafis demonstrate in Nahda square to show their strength and support the declaration. (Saturday 1st, December 2012).

protesters against the declaration chanting that MP shouldn’t be claiming a right in the ‘Justice and Freedom Party’ (Muslim Brotherhood party) to impose integrity of living.

protesters in marches and demonstrations in front of the Presidential palace Tuesday 4-12-2012

True civilian Egyptians, most of them have no specific political direction, chanting against MB, Morsi and his declaration, chanting for Morsi To leave, Egypt “it’s our Country and we will Not leave it to MB, Down with the Morshed (superior power at MB) regime”

–        Wednesday 5th December 2012 MB and Salifis attacked protesters:

1-     The Brotherhood’s torture chambers



MB followers destroy the tent of protesters in front of the presidential palace.

MB supporters celebrating after they attacked protester in front of the presidential palace and claiming that was for the sake of Sharia and Islam.

MB catching, beating and forcing people to say that they were paid to demonstrate.

In this video one of their field leaders forcing people to confess to things that they didn’t do.


Al Husseni Abu def, journalist was killed and his camera was stolen by MB



Writers chanting against the constitution of MB.


Islamist surrounding Media Production center:


Islamist surrounding Media production center and threatening certain media channels that reveal their actions.

After the attack investigations and media proved that those who were attacked and arrested by MB leaders and militias and were sent to interior forces after they were torched were as follows:


Sample Victims of MB attacking:




Ahmed is not even a protester, he is one of the inhabitants of the area and witness what happened, he was beaten brutally and delivered to interior forces.


2-     Ex-Egyptian ambassador, yehia negm who resigned because he was against Mubark’s  regime corruption. One of the protesters against morsi, he was beaten and accused of being paid for it.

picture 1 morsi thugs













pic 2

Attacking Ex-parliament member and activist Mohamed Abu Hamed :

pic 3






Mohamed Abu hamed accused Morsi, the president

Mohamed basdea, Morshed of MB,and three other Islamist leaders that they were the main reasons he was brutally attacked.

pic 4



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  1. I still say the end result is going to depend on who the Army decides to support, probably the MB since the democracy groups want total civilian control of the military.

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