Multiculturalism, PC, Islam, France, and large corporations

This is quite an interesting little video. I hope this gives other employees of large companies to begin speaking out. I have personally spoken to, for one example, teachers in Ontario public schools who once they realize you will not be calling the cops on them, tell you horror story after horror story about Islam in today’s schools. These are people who typically think of themselves as left of center and very pro ‘multicultural’.

If enough people begin speaking out, well that is step one. But more importantly, humans like pretty much all living sentient creatures have to re do a central bit of personal calculous. The question of the cost of doing something Vs. the cost of not doing so.

Be advised:

The cost of inaction with respect to Islam in the West is incalculably large. Whatever one perceives as the cost of doing something, anything, speaking out, writing a letter to a newspaper or government agency, anything, it is lower than allowing all traces of individual liberty and self determination to perish and sharia determine your full set of possibilities.

Sound extreme?

Let’s ask the Egyptians.

Thanks to a great French website for hipping us to this video

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One thought on “Multiculturalism, PC, Islam, France, and large corporations

  1. This is how Sharia starts, people go along to get along, they put up with harassment and bullying because if they don’t they will be fired and won’t be able to find a job since it is on record they are racists.

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