East London men charged over child prostitution


Four men have been charge with a number of sexual offences including child prostitution and rape.

The group, all from from east London were arrested and charged by officers from the Metropolitan Police’s Trafficking and Prostitution Unit.

Officers made the arrests in the early hours of Thursday morning, acting on intelligence from Essex Police.

A statement from the Metropolitan Police said four victims aged between 16 and 18 have been identified.

Naeem Ahmed, 25, of Westminster Gardens, Barking, was charged with controlling child prostitution, inciting child prostitution and five counts of rape.

Anas Mir Iqbal, 25, from Newham Way, Newham, was charged with one count of paying a child prostitute for sexual services.

Nabeel Ahmed, 23, of Chadwell Heath Lane, Romford, was charged with six counts of rape, and Hassan Raza, 23, of Westminster Gardens, Barking, was charged with one count of sexual touching.

They were due to appear at Barking Magistrates’ Court.

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3 thoughts on “East London men charged over child prostitution

  1. Nothing will change in the UK. They are asleep or in denial. The answer I often hear when I mention the growing number of mozzies is, ‘ it isn’t too bad in Winchester” or some other white middle class area in the UK. OR ‘my friend is very friendly and not like that’. Or perhaps the worse -‘ the Christians also blah blah.’..
    Thank god for the EDL and there brave fight but I feel they will have there hands full. The US is going in the same muzzie direction but faster now that Obama has been re-elected.
    The BBC and all these left wing organisations should be held accountable for all the misinformation they provide that is if we ever get out of this mess.

  2. Actually things are changing. Rapes of young girl started in the Labour government era. Channel 4 had a documentary on it but were forced to withdraw. In fact they were investigated by the police for “hate crme” or some such.

    It is only since the conservatives came to power, has this practice of offering young girls to the dragon of Islam as appeasement, come to light. Hey, hey, where are you St George?

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