Shiite ayatollah launches fatwa: Iraqi Christians, conversion to Islam or death

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Asia News:

by Joseph Mahmoud
From an Egyptian TV Jihad leader Ahmad Al Baghdadi Al Hassani speaks of Christians as polytheists and friends of the Zionists. Sources tell AsiaNews: a grave fact, but the government is attentive to these claims. Card Sandri reconsecrates the cathedral scene of the massacre in October 2010. The tears, said the cardinal, “are seeds of communion and witness”.

Baghdad (AsiaNews) – An Advent of light and shadow for Iraq’s Christians, who are celebrating the reopening of the cathedral of Baghdad but at the same time subjected to new – and heavy – threats from a radical Shiite Muslim leader. From studies of a television broadcaster based in Egypt, an Iraqi Ayatollah launches a fatwa against the religious minority on the eve of Christmas: “Conversion to Islam or death.” However, strength of faith overcomes the fear of violence as witnessed by celebrations for the “rebirth” of the Syrian Catholic cathedral in the capital, the scene of a bloody attack at the end of October 2010 (see AsiaNews 31/10/2010 Al Qaeda attack on Baghdad church ends in massacre)

In an interview last December 13 on Egyptian television Al Baghdadia, the Shiite ayatollah Ahmad Al Hassani Al Baghdadi issued a fatwa against Christians in Iraq. Labeling them as “polytheists” and “friends of the Zionists”, the extremist leader stressed that they must choose “or Islam or death,” while “their women and girls may legitimately be regarded wives of Muslims.” Al Baghdadi is known for his “jihad” positions and for attacking Americans in the past during their presence in the country, and today he lives in Syria, supporting the armed opposition.

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2 thoughts on “Shiite ayatollah launches fatwa: Iraqi Christians, conversion to Islam or death

  1. I’m sure the West will understand that Operation IF 1 & 2 was only about stealing the filthy koranimal’s oil. Maybe when Colin Powell has his saudi funded Jag in need of service he will address how there’s nothing wrong with being a filthy koranimal Hell bent on killing Christians.

  2. I have been expecting this, we can expect it to happen in all other Moslem nations, the Crescent is on the march to empire and won’t stop unless stopped by military force.

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