Interview with Imran Firasat, maker of the innocence of the Prophet: Spanish TV Dec 13 2012

Does no one else find it strange that the interviewer assumes that criticizing Islam is an offense to great that the US would seek extradition for it? Despite their first amendment as well as that this film was made outside the USA?

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9 Responses to Interview with Imran Firasat, maker of the innocence of the Prophet: Spanish TV Dec 13 2012

  1. Vederso says:

    Also on

  2. Richard says:

    He is trying to stay out of a European prison, I don’t think his actions will suffice to save him.

  3. EDL Buck says:

    He should go on the run to another country and keep his head down.

  4. Richard says:

    If he can afford the papers in a new name that would be the way to go.

  5. marge72 says:

    There is only one true victim here yet again and that is: Western Democratic Freedoms such as that of speech without which no other freedom is remotely possible. Note how this man is openly declaring his links with the ‘bloggers and Mr Jones’- obviously targeting the Internet and the First Amendment again! The fact is Islam and its anti democratic promoters- or demophages do not belong in the West, never did and never will. Disgusting!

  6. Sjun Demartelaere says:

    That man is a hero. Is the situation in the US really so bad that giving an opinion about islam to let people think about the directions and life of Mohammed will be juridificated? If so books of Voltaire will soon be burned in the US…

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