Full movie, innocence of the prophet, now online.

I have not seen it yet. Looking forward to it though. Later today I hope to have a subtitled interview with the film maker, a Pakistani apostate of Islam now living in Spain translated to English from Spanish TV.

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8 thoughts on “Full movie, innocence of the prophet, now online.

  1. This will create waves. I have watched a bit of it and will complete watching it in full later. From what i have heard so far, the narrator, who i presume is also the film producer, is bang on with the historical aspect, although very little of Mohammad’s early years is on record. His hatred of women could have also stemmed from his mother’s abandonment of him as a child plus the cruel treatment from his aunt as an orphan. His wet nurse, with whom his mother placed him for 5 years, might have also not been as good and generous as history has made her out to be. Combination of such treatments and you get a very vindictive creature. A creature whose first aim is to enslave women as his followers have done and continue to do.

  2. Really boring slide show, couldn’t be bothered to be honest.. But if it drives them crazy and they go ballistic — mission accomplished. They have to be taught, over and over, that nobody has the right to not be offended.

  3. I found the movie very well made! Graphics were great! Content Okay. And I can understand why Firasat did the voice over himself; he takes the responsebility. My respect for that!

  4. Of course the will go ballistic.

    But, I feel a deep thunder from the Danish underground and I feel the same trembling all over the world so I am confident that we will come on top of this. Not that I ever doubted 🙂

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