Denmark: “‘Youths’ in Muslim-dominated area demand money from church for being in ‘their area'”

And the Jizya begins. Although in the old days we used to just call this extortion and police would deal with it. But after all, Islam is basically just a giant mafia so Jizya, protection, either way these people have to be stopped.

Jihad Watch:

Having worked in Copenhagen’s youth prison, I know that the only gangs that rule in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, are Muslim — Blågårdsbanden and Brothas are two of them. JihadWatch has earlier reported on Muslim extortion against non-Muslim businesses on Nørrebro: Denmark: 67-year-old female bar owner becomes national hero for standing up against Muslim mafia’s jizya demand.

Read more about the Muslim area Nørrebro in Copenhagen on JihadWatch here.

Translated by Nicolai Sennels, Ekstrabladet December 13, 2012, “Extortion against church on Nørrebro“:

A new case of extortion in Nørrebro in Copenhagen has been reported to the police. This time the claim is not directed at a tavern, but a local church.In August this year extortion against Café Viking in the same area caused outraged across the country, as the courageous owner, Jane Pedersen, came up against bullies and went public after threats and vandalism.

Now the criminals have turned against the Holy Cross Church on Kapelvej in the heart of Nørrebro, a few hundred meters from Blågårds Plads.

Three young boys met up twice this week at the rear entrance to the church. Here they notified the verger that the church was in their territory and therefore has to pay money.

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2 Responses to Denmark: “‘Youths’ in Muslim-dominated area demand money from church for being in ‘their area'”

  1. Fred says:

    It took me a while, but I finally awoke to the realization that the quh’ran, or however that’s spelled, is nothing more than the perfect manual for parasitism. There’s not many an option available. One is: excise it, by removing its followers from your societies. The second one is: PAY. On all levels and by every means imaginable.

  2. Richard says:

    Obama was a caravan raider that created a religion that appeals to the raiders and looters of the world.

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