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8 thoughts on “The Thin Red Line:

  1. We are being warned…..and warned….and warned….and warned….and warned….and warned……and warned…..in the very clearest, loudest and most easily understood terms….

    The evidence of our coming demise not only infest the blood soaked pages of our historical conflict with the guttural savages known as muslims……it blossoms around us…daily, hourly, weekly……they are screaming our future in our faces, writing it on placards, posting it on the internet and practicing what they preach in whatever position or office they hold while moving amongst us….

    The time has come to listen to them and to the voices that call us from the Gates of Vienna….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. After seeing this video clip, I wanted to say so much, but exhaustion and childish fury has left me in a state to say only this:

    Did you see the bit where Ahmedinejad was walking alongside Assad? What a short little dickhead Ahmedinejad is – what a midget!
    Ahmedinejad is like a scruffy Hitler. At least Hitler dressed smartly.

    Did you know, Mr. Ahmedinejad, that you are the dirty hobo of the dictator world? Not only are you a belligerent little dwarf, but you’re also a filthy, raggy little urchin. One day you will suffer the fate that you deserve. How a bed-wetting little prick like yourself, ever became leader of Iran begs belief. I hope that Assad carefully washed his hands after meeting you. I would personally like to kick your teeth in, but if I did, I would wear protective clothing in case I caught some nasty disease.
    You will suffer the fate of all nasty little tyrants – you will die a nasty and lonely death, whether it is by your own hand or by someone else’s. Remember, how Hitler, bin Laden, Ghadaffi, Mussolini and Saddam died? Well, a similar death awaits yourself: decisive, violent, lonely and shameful. I tell you what also, there ain’t no paradise awaiting for you afterwards. Prepare to meet the inferno.
    Ahmedinejad, you are a dirty little cockroach, a pest waiting to be exterminated. One day you will be shamed, dis-empowered and obliterated. The Devil has reserved a room for you!

  3. I wish there was some way to make the useful idiots in our midst to watch this film, and then test them on how well they understand the message.

    She is dreaming if she thiniks our current crop of national leaders will do anything against Iran. What they are going to do is kick the subject around for a while and then ignore things until it is time for GI Joe and Tommy Atkins to pack up their kit bags and march to war. A war that would not have been necessary if people had bothered to read a little history.

  4. @James Boom…..

    I agree with you, but I prefer the Hiroshima/Nagasaki solution.

    Yes, we may have to deal with 250,000 dead but better that than dealing with a mushroom cloud over Paris, Tel Aviv, Vancouver…….

    The Iranian people need to understand that they are solely responsible for their destiny, they must remove and dispose of, those who seek to destroy their country from within…..they must drag the leaders into the streets and dispatch them in the same manner as Mussolini, force ios the only mechanism that is not only effective but fully understood by tyrants.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  5. This video is good but a couple points that must be made. There is no way in hell Iran can take over the world. Neither can Islam unless we give them our lands and I mean literally handing it over as what happened in South Africa with the work force that immigrated to the country.

    When people hear that Iran has any way to take over the world they would laugh and rightfully so.

  6. Iran won’t take over the world, but they will advance the Jihad in any way they can. That can take many forms, most of which don’t involve their military directly. Just sending migrants into Europe is helping to collapse those Nations through economics. Islam is spreading through birth rate, migration and conversion.

    We are going to have to deal with more nuclear armed Islamists in the near future. Their rocket technology will get better as well.

    But our real threat is what we are doing to ourselves. We are committing cultural suicide. We are embracing the failed economics of socialism, we refuse to use our resources, we are hyper critical of our history and glorify the history of others. And maybe most of all we are turning away from The Lord.

  7. Don don’t forget that a few years ago someone in Israel said that if it looked like Israel was going to be destroyed all Moslem capitals would disappear in a mushroom cloud, and they will probably add in all Moslem Holy Cities.

    James Boom the reason pattern bombing was used in WWII was the inaccuracy of the bomb sights, most bombardiers were lucky if they could hit within 1 mile of the target. Also the bombing them into submission tactic has never worked unless it is followed with a ground invasion to dig them out of their holes.

    Having said that we could destroy all of their industrial capabilities and make turn their clock back several centuries.

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