2 Somali Islamists arrested in suspected pipe bomb attack at Bonn train station

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       By Lisa LundquistDecember 11, 2012


Bonn Police inspect a bag that is thought to have contained explosive materials. Photograph from ETA.

At around noon yesterday in Bonn, Germany, employees at the city’s central train station were alerted to the presence of a suspicious-looking piece of luggage on Platform 1 that turned out to contain potentially explosive materials. Within hours, police had arrested two Somali men who had been seen near where the bag was found.

Der Spiegel reports that the first suspect, Omar D., was arrested at an Internet cafe, and the second, Abdirazak B. was arrested near a bridge on the Rhine. According to the ICSR Insight website, Abdirizak was identified from video footage of the attempted bombing at the station.

The suspect bag, which was opened by a robot, was found to contain butane gas, ammonium nitrate, metal pipe, an alarm clock, batteries, and also metal containers filled with some sort of white powder. According to The Local, authorities detonated the apparent pipe bomb with a water cannon. The Bonn train station remained closed until late Monday evening, significantly disrupting travel throughout the area.

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  1. The most interesting thing is that this isn’t terror season, you normally find terrorist actions carried out during warm weather.

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