‘Right-wing’ SwedenDemocrats to be gassed

An original translation by Michael Laudahn:

From this news org.

image: Jimmie kesson, – president – Sweden-Democrats

The fight against the right-wing [quoting a german standard phrase: ‘kampf gegen rechts’] takes more and more drastic forms. After Sweden’s prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt had declared mass immigration to be a punishment for the voters of the conservative Sweden-Democrats, a social-democrat newspaper published this week a shocking leader where Jimmie ?kesson, SwedenDemocrats president, is depicted as a cockroach, to be gassed by the other parties.

The Sweden-Democrates – according to recent polls at more than 12 % voter approval, thereby the 3rd swedish party – are again and again the target of politically motivated violence. At regular intervals, appartements [of their activists] are being destroyed, car windshields smashed, children of local politicians threatened. Last year, a Sweden-Democrat politician with christian Assyrian roots, Issa Issa, had a narrow escape from a murder attempt, committed by moslem immigrants. They threw stones against the politician’s apartment, yelling: ‘Fucking christian, fucking Sweden-Democrat, come out!’

When Issa opened the door, they thrashed him, and one of them stabbed a knife into his stomach. Issa survived miraculously, then left the party.

Again only last week, a member [Jesper HÂrd] of the Sweden-Democrates youth organisation was thrashed by immigrants in the middle of the street.

[image: Jesper HÂrd]

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9 Responses to ‘Right-wing’ SwedenDemocrats to be gassed

  1. oogenhand says:

    The problem with the Sweden Democrats is that they, unlike their Leftist opponents, do not have a violent underground wing. This is because of the heritage of Christianity on the Political Right. But the Left is influenced by Christianity in other ways. Force the Left to play by Christian rules:”Turn the other cheek! So says Jesus! The Left loves Jesus because He loves muslim asylum seekers! HELL IS ETERNAL!!!”.

  2. randy63ism says:

    Yep, stupid Swedes, have just effectively handed their own country over to the muslims on a silver platter. The worst thing to happen to Sweden since the battle of Poltava in 1709. Only this time, instead of the blunder being the fault of one person, as in King Charles XII in 1709, this one lies at the feet of most of Sweden’s governing class and the fools who vote them into power.

    Unfortunately, Sweden has no monopoly on stupid people. My country is stuck with Barack Obama for four more years (likely much more than that).

  3. oogenhand says:

    Likely it will be necessary to invade Sweden from Poland, Latvia and Estonia.

  4. Don Laird says:

    Sooner or later…….the time for talking will be over….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  5. Robert the Biker says:

    What, no guns in Sweden? Take out a few muslim shit and the others learn, islame is great at learning from strength.

  6. oogenhand says:

    Robert the Biker is right. Getting hurt or killed unnecessarily is forbidden in Islam.Taysir is a duty.

  7. Softly Bob says:

    The problem here is that those who care about their own people the most and are patriotic the most, are being sold out by the very people they are trying to protect. Stupid Leftists are bullying and intimidating their own saviours whilst allying with their own enemies! This is folly at its most extreme and one day Leftist idiots will get what they deserve in spades.
    Sweden will have to fight soon, and it will be in the hands of the ordinary people. The Leftists will have no friends, for they are traitors to their own kind and despised by the Muslims that they are collaborating with. I hope when it is all over and the Muslims are kicked out that the Leftist ringleaders will also be brought to justice.

  8. Richard says:

    Don the time for talking will be over a lot sooner then most of us think.

    Bot it will be every nation that has to fight, not just Sweden.

  9. oogenhand says:

    Sweden should be taken over by a sane country like Poland.

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