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6 thoughts on “Interesting exchange between Mother Jones and Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, Aug 8 2012

  1. I can recommend McCarthy’s book “The Grand Jihad”, particularly ch.10, where he draws out the connection between the left and islam (and traces it back to Rousseau, who admired Mohammed and hated christianity).

    As for why “gay marriage” is a hot topic all over the west: it’s bread and circuses. I know many gay people, and none of them are clamouring for gay marriage. Most of them have not even availed themselves of civil partnerships where these are available. All over the west, politiicans and the media can keep things out of the news agenda by creating a lot of smoke about gay marriage.

    The trajectory of the islamisation of europe is clear. By 2050 the UK will have a muslim government, or at the very least the muslim party will be the opposition. Having a register of gay people who are married is going to be very useful for the muslims when they want to go round and attack gay people. The Nazis would have found such a thing very useful.

  2. I would love to know why people keep assuming that things are going to remain peaceful in Europe, continued peace and dimmitude is the only way Islam can seize and maintain control of Europe. The various ethnic groups in Europe are organizing and fighting back, and doing this in defiance of their governments. Look at what the people want, not what the politicians are doing, the long term conditions in Europe are going to depend on the ordinary people, not the politicians.

  3. This is the sort of coherence and articulate factual analysis of the spread of islamism that serves us well.

    Programs like these are daggers in the hearts of muslims and cause wounds that are fatal to their agenda….they know it ans we know it.

    I differ from Mr. McCarthy in that until “good muslims” start rising in vigorous, vocal and aggressive opposition to the excesses of their brethren, I consider them to all be as one……commonsense and logic dictate no other course of action……..either you stand up and be counted or be swept away in the backlash.

    Thanks very much to Vlad for posting this…..

    To the viewers, please pour a coffe and put your feet up and watch this, its 90 minutes well spent.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. Treating this “journalist” twat as serious is like playing chess with a pigeon. Guy has no interest at all in the facts. Just wants to knock the pieces over and shit all over the board.

    I agree that the rest of the vid is pretty damn good…

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