Fears over online censorship after Arab states call for global agreement to block websites and monitor emails

Daily Mail:

  • Russia, Saudi Arabia and UAE among countries which signed have controversial new plan
  • Want to create multinational pact to allow countries to stop access to sites at eachother’s request
  • Includes measures that could allow authoritarian regimes to suppress opponents, critics warn
  • Has led to deep divisions at 193-country conference which is trying to re-write treaty on web regulation

By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED: 07:32 EST, 10 December 2012 | UPDATED: 09:13 EST, 10 December 2012

An unexpected new proposal put forward by Arab states to create sweeping governmental powers to regulate the Internet today raised fears of an expansion of online censorship.

The plan, co-signed by Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and the United Arab Emirates, caused deep divisions when it was revealed over the weekend at a global conference which is attempting to re-write a longstanding treaty on web regulation.

A leaked draft of the Russia-led proposals would block some Internet locations and wrest control of allotting web addresses from a U.S.-based body.

It could allow governments to render websites within their borders inaccessible, even via proxy servers, and create multinational pacts in which countries could terminate access to websites at each others’ request.

A controversial proposal for a new treaty which would give countries more powers to block websites and monitor emails has been put forward by a group of Arab states at a global conference in Dubai (above)

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5 thoughts on “Fears over online censorship after Arab states call for global agreement to block websites and monitor emails

  1. Richard, this administration is working on that now . . .with Hillary’s “test of consequences” and her efforts at the OIC/UN/USA initiated Istanbul Process…
    breaking their oaths to “uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States” . Treason by any other name.

  2. Saudi-Arabia and Russia have very different ideas about Assad and, to a lesser extent, Iran. Iran and Saudi-Arabia will destroy each other, wiping their autosomal DNA off the face of the earth. Only if they submit to a new, Europe-controlled religion, which allows European men access to their women, and not the other way around, can some of their autosomal DNA be salvaged.

  3. Even though US and other developed countries is pretty good when it comes to decoding encrypted information we still have billions of bytes, pixels and whatnot, to encrypt our information and conversation.

    They cant stop the signal 🙂

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