David Cameron to offer in/out referendum on EU, Boris says

Interesting options I think:


 David Cameron will promise the British people an “in/out” referendum on the European Union, Boris Johnson has said.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, has dropped his call for an “in-out” referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.

11:13AM GMT 09 Dec 2012

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The Conservative Mayor of London said that the Prime Minister will ask voters to choose either a new, looser relationship with the EU, or complete withdrawal.

Mr Johnson’s prediction comes as Mr Cameron prepares to make a major speech setting out his thinking on Britain and the EU.

The Mayor’s prediction will add to the pressure on Mr Cameron to promise voters the option of leaving the EU, something the Prime Minister has said he does not think is in Britain’s interests.

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5 thoughts on “David Cameron to offer in/out referendum on EU, Boris says

  1. Buck I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for any politician to keep their word.

    As my father said many times:

    Politicians are by definition crooks, liars and horses asses.

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