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11 thoughts on “Interesting interview with captured Muslim anti-assad fighters discussing the imposition of sharia etc.

  1. Well, well, well it is as if the these muslims really are… muslims… and really believe in… yes… islam. How on earth did that happen?

    And the british reporter just want to be best multiculti-buddies… how cute.


  2. Well here you go…..

    notice several items in this interview……

    Firstly, notice the beards and the seething hatred that is written on the faces on each one of these Jihadi’s as the interviewer from Sky News all but pulls down his pants and invites a little sodomy…..gut wrenching….absolutely gut wrenching….their hatred of the infidel, their captivity, the fact they are forced to answer questions and their hatred of the West…..is so tangible….it oozes from their very pores….

    But more than that, listen to the interview and pick up many points relevant to islam and muslims globally…..points not only lost on the dhimmi West….but points that often, lurk just beneath the surface……

    1) The mention of Abu Qatada, the islamic terror instructor/preacher who recently, in the face of a laughably impotent British government, was granted a stay on deportation by the British Special Immigration Appeals Commission. Listen to the references these men make to Abu Qatada’s writings and the considerable influence found in the same. Men like Mullah Krekar and Abu Qatada peddle their brand of murder and mayhem right from within the heart of Western countries and do so with full impunity and laughing in our faces….if you think this is lost on all the little Jihadi’s…..think again.


    2) The offshoot of a small group of Jihadi’s which are spawned from Al Queda and done so, because of the reputation Al Queda has “bad reputation”.

    3) The mention of the Jizya tax as to be imposed by the muslims on those “unbelievers”. This, it goes without saying, is a very real fact of life for all infidels in muslim lands. Listen to the incredibly vacuous response of the interviewer as his question mirrors that of most Westerners…….here is a muslim who has, in the clearest of language, unperturbed by his own captivity simply states that an infidel/unbeliever has three choices: conversion/jizya tax or death…….and the interviewer has the wretched audacity to ask the muslim if that is “what he really believes”………this ladies and gentlemen is why we are is so much trouble in the West…..this is our refusal to listen to the muslims even when they plainly state their intentions by screaming it in our faces, by writing on placards, by posting it on the internet and by using their unadulterated seething hatred of all of us as the saliva that seals the stamps on our death warrants.

    4) Notice the full-on undiluted Taqiya as the “mufti” is interviewed and details his activities regarding the destruction of the secular state within Syria and the poisoning of young minds and then when asked by the dhimmi interviewer if this is what “he really wants to do”…..the mufti grins a wolfish grin and says “no, not any more, he has seen the error of his ways, before he was not matured enough to understand”……the reality is that this mufti knows full well what he is doing and the commandments of the koran he is following and mark my words…. if this mufti was left unattended in a room with that interviewer for 2 minutes… he would have hacked his dhimmi head off in the twinkling of an eye.

    Then the interviewer defies all sense of commonsense and reason and asks those who would kill him in an instant were they given a chance…..”am I a kuffar”……..stunning, absolutely stunning…..

    The final nail in the coffin relates to the “global” nature of their intentions……

    This is why we are losing the battle against muslims……simply because we refuse to acknowledge history……because we refuse to see what they are doing……because we refuse to listen to what they are saying, even when they are screaming it in our faces……

    In closing….yes, I did get all of that from a 6 minute video……and so should you…..

    Start listening to them…..start reading your history………the muslims are deadly serious and they mean business…….we are being handed our hats and shown the door by those muhammadans who seek our subjugation or our deaths…….and they don’t particularly care which.

    So, look carefully at these men….these faces from which emanates a hatred of the West of such malevolence, of such purity……see the same on the bearded faces of muslims that walk the streets and avenues of cities across Europe, the UK and North America…….muhammad has come to call and these are the men and women who bear his message of hatred and death…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. I am currently on a job in london working with what I would call a moderate muslim from egypt. He is very generous and a good laugh .He is surprised at how much I know about his religion even to the point where it seems I know things he does not. He believes that Assad should reign,that Morsi is a bastard and that woman should be treated as equals. However he believes Spain is Muslim land, and that even though he can eat kosher food he cannot sleep in a jews house for one night as the jew would kill him. The irony is lost on him. He is adamant that jesus is not the son of god and looks offended when you suggest that some people believe so. My point is that if this is what a moderate believes people need to wake up. I look at London and the last ten years has seen an influx of north africans and arabs. Even though I rather like this man I despair for the future. Political reality and religious belief is different to enjoying a kebab now and then. They sit in the restaurants watching Nasrallah on TV. At any other time in history it would be deemed as sedition.

  4. -Don Laird

    Yes, the question from the reporter “am I a kuffar?” is so stupid Christ almost made his return from heaven prematurely, just to hammer this idiots head into a bloody pulp, using a burning koran!

    When the jihadi prisoners leave the room in a line, the moron reporter gets up and almost makes love to them as they are walking by.

    One wonders if this archtype of the post-modern western “man”, knows anything at all about the reality in which he lives, or he just thinks its some kind of reality show with no consequences for his future what so ever!?

  5. The West has had over 50 years of relative peace, this has allowed the peace at any cost crowd to gain considerable power since the stupidity of their stands hasn’t faced reality in so long. This is why the reporter and others of his ilk are so blind to the reality of Islam and the danger from Islamic jihadists, unfortunately a lot of good people are going to suffer and die because people like the reporter refuse to live in the real world.

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