A criminal islamist / Swiss soldier under arrest!

An original translation by Michael Laudahn:

This is the army rifle used by Damir A on Facebook for bragging purposes.

At the CafÈ de LíUnivers in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the gang drank coffee each morning.


























Like a model, Damir A (23) poses in the swiss army’s uniform. But in reality, his heart beats for a very different army: for the warriors of god, the muhajedin, who leave their lives in the fight for Allah.

Accordingly, the swiss having bosnian roots captions his army photos: ‘Bosnia will forever be my country. I just pinch their knowledge, then I’ll take it with me to Bosnia.’

On his Facebook page, Damir A publishes poems: ‘A prayer of intercession for all those brothers who died in the war, and who never could see the first steps of their children’, writes he. ‘This is where the way of faith commences.’

According to the Neuchâtel public prosecutor, Damir A belongs to a criminal gang such as Switzerland has never seen before.

Islamists blackmailing, torturing, intimidating their victims. Trying to proselytise for islam. Who seized and controlled the marijuana trade in the Le Locle and La-Chaux-de-Fonds region.

Three young men continue to be in remand. Damir A, Issa J (24), Hares A (24).

The swiss, the chechen and the afghan are charged with fencing, coercion, illegal restraint, extortion, bodily harm, drug-related delicts. ‘During my career as a public prosecutor, I have never experienced such systematic methods of extortion’, says Nicolas Feuz. ‘It sure is worrying.’

Already in 2008, the gang begins its criminal activities. They call themselves Jamahat. They record a rap song, where they say: ‘It always centres around where to get the damned money from’. ‘We interrogate, we cheat.’ And: ‘When we do that, then only to have our own means.’

They continue to establish and expand their criminal network. Issa is the leader of the gang. Damir and Hares are his ‘lieutenants’, according to public prosecutor Feuz. Shortly before its dissolution, the gang devoted to radical islam counts at least 15 members.

‘Hares forced me to subscribe to 2 cell phone contracts – each costing 200 franks CHF –  per month’, says a victim (19) preferring to remain anonymous. The cell phones he received were sold by the gang.

‘They abducted me into a cellar’, says another young man (29). He was forced to sell drugs for the gang. ‘They tied me to a chair, Issa thrashed me.’

So far, there are more than 30 victims. Police are looking for more people conned, like also for a cave in the region, where the clan maintains a marijuana plantation.

Issa came to Switzerland as a refugee. ‘He believes strongly in islam’, says a Jamahat member. ‘For hours, he told us how great his religion is. Basically, everyone here with us is a moslem. Issa showed us that Allah is great.’

Hares A’s aunt does not believe that her protegé is religious. ‘If he were, he would never had done all these things’, says she. He came to her in Switzerland when he was 12. ‘He lost his father during the war. He was always difficult, he never listened to me.’ During these last years, she hardly ever saw him. ‘He tried to hide from us what he was doing.’

And also Damir A, born in Bosnia, has a disturbed relationship to his family. ‘He only caused us problems, police continued to visit us’, says his father.

The last time police were there to visit the A family was on monday 26 november: ‘They came to pick up Damir’s assault rifle, says a neighbour. ‘His mother handed it over to 2 officers.’

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15 thoughts on “A criminal islamist / Swiss soldier under arrest!

  1. Well, well, well……..

    what do we have here?……another patriotic “good muslim”

    This is further proof, as if we needed any further proof, that islam and muslims are completely incompatible with the West.

    Further, this is proof that being completely incompatible with Western ideals and life lived in a free and open, democratic society, there is no possibility of “rehabilitation” or even the remotest possibility of “assimilation”, as such the only course of action that should be taken with muslims is MAID:


    I have listened, as have we all, about the “good muslims” and how it is only a “rogue few” that are tarnishing the reputation of all the “good muslims”, but the fact remains that there are no “good muslims”, there never have been, are not now, and never will be…..evidence of that assertion can be found so utterly conspicuous in the thunderous silence that is their condemnation of their brethren’s excesses’.

    Should Canadians be fearful of muslims, yes they should.

    Consider the muslims that now infiltrate/contaminate the ranks of CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service), that now contaminate the ranks of the RCMP and the various police forces both provincial and municipal across Canada and the USA, consider the muslims that now contaminate the ranks of our military both in Canada and the United States. The fact is that all muslims, every single one, are sworn and beholden to the dictates of islam and not to any oath of office or oath of allegiance ……pure and simple….plain truth and a reflection of reality that we continue to deny to our considerable detriment…..period and full stop.

    How strange that we would allow political correctness to rule the order of the day and allow those who seek our demise to occupy positions of trust and influence, to allow them access to highly sensitive and classified information, and then once that information is accessed to take that information and dispense it to Jihadi groups……..and are we that stupid as to believe that there are not islamic/muslim moles within the RCMP, CSIS and the military?…….oh how foolish……oh how utterly and blindly Western…..how the laughter must echo in the rafters of mosques around the world when they speak of our blinding stupidity……..a real knee slapper from Riyadh to Ramallah.

    A couple of years ago I put forth my position on muslims and islam, a position that I have maintained before and ever since; that muslims are completely incapable of living amongst us and further, completely untrustworthy. This little incident is simply further proof of that.

    Of course, a great many more non-muslims will have to die, and significantly greater damage done to our nations, our cultures and our very ways of life here in the West will have to be done before we begin to take muslims seriously and believe what they have screamed in our faces for years: that they hate us with an unrivaled purity and will place their boots on our necks or cut our throats…..and they don’t much care which.

    As for “Damir A” and his little weapon………chocolate and watches aren’t the only things the Swiss are craftsmen at producing.

    That weapon pictured is not an assault rifle, it is a sniper rifle. I suspect Damir A either was, or was in the process of, being trained as a sniper.

    In regards to issued weapons, the Swiss will issue assault rifles to sniper teams as side arms but in this case Damir A’s primary weapon is a Swiss TRG-22 or a TRG-42.

    Just from looking at the size of the magazines in the rifle case, this is a rifle that is chambered in .338 Lapua.

    The TRG series of rifles also come chambered in .308 Nato and .300 Win Mag.

    This rifle is a highly accurate weapon and one that if used with the .338 Lapua cartridge can be effective with kill shots well out to 1800 metres although its effective kill zone is out to 1200 meters.

    READ ABOUT THE TRG-42 HERE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sako_TRG

    The only rifle, in my opinion and in the opinion of many others, that surpasses the TRG 42 in range, accuracy and effective killing range, would be a rifle chambered in .50 caliber.

    Unfortunately, the .50 caliber sniper rifles are very heavy and do not make for expeditious, surreptitious movement. The TRG-42 is perfectly suited for that sort of operation, “shoot and scoot” tactics in an urban environment.

    In fact, with respect to the .50 cal, up until a few months ago, the world’s longest sniper kill shot was made by Cpl. Rob Furlong of the Canadian P.P.C.L.I.

    Cpl Rob Furlong, a fantastic marksman along with the other half of his team, was the man who dropped a putrid festering bag of shit in his tracks (Taliban terrorist) at over 2.4 kilometers with a .50 cal sniper rifle.

    To be precise, Cpl Furlong’s shot was 2430 metres……..to understand how far that is simply mark a spot and then use your trip odometer on your car to mark out 2.4 kilometers, then look back….and be very very amazed.

    What makes Furlong’s shot even more incredible are the ballistics involved, essentially the trajectory of the .50 cal round at that distance would be quite similar to that of a mortar round. Imagine trying to lob in a golf ball at over 2400 meters and still hit your target……a feat not lost on the muslim piece of excrement that caught the round from Furlong’s rifle on that day….and what a lovely catch it was.

    Sorry, I digress……got swept away with the details…….but then again…..details?…isn’t that where you find the Devil?


    Cpl. Rob Furlong is now out of the Canadian military and a member of the Edmonton Police Service.

    (It bears mentioning that Cpl Furlong and his team were revered by his fellow soldiers and by the Americans, of whose rank, many lives were saved. Not surprisingly, senior Canadian commanders greatly resented Furlong’s skills and achievements even to the point of virtually stopping the American military from awarding both him and several of his fellow soldiers a medal for bravery in saving the lives of many American soldiers……typical senior Canadian military commanders….To read about Rob Furlong simply Google “Rob Furlong Wiki” )

    In closing, we have much to fear from the muslims amongst us and until every last one is deported, until every jurisprudential and ritualistic facet of islam is banned and or criminalized and until the continent of North America, from Inuvik to El Paso and from Los Angeles to Cape Spear, Nfld has been wiped clean of every single vestige of islam, we will not be safe nor secure.

    As for my argument…….there are many who used to call it extreme and “right wing”….those who did are dwindling rapidly in number…….and in the coming weeks and months there will be no shortage of muslims and devotees of the lunatic muhammad who will provide me further evidence to promote their expulsion from our ranks…….

    Let us hope that that evidence, irrefutable and inevitable and provided by the likes of “Damir A” does not include the lives of Canadians or Americans…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Very true. Now consider the european situation: Even if we manage to get rid of our mohammedans, then there still are the ones whose fore-fore-fore-fathers were force-converted by the turks, thus mostly albanians and bosniaks. We must also find a solution for them, quite obviously. We cannot have any mohammedans on this continent, no matter what the motivation is.

    We just heard about the dutch who construt skum villages, to get rid of the worst part of them – at least temporarily. My suggestion is: Let the danes construct a small scum village in Greenland, to start with, for their own. But not to ‘re-integrate’ them after a cold shock, but as a preparation to deport them. They will stay there until their paperwork is ready. I wouldn’t be amazed if these circumstances would accelerate the whole procedure considerably.

    Yeah, and why not rent out some rooms to mohammedans from other european countries – and Canada, the US? Nothing can be wrong with that. Only our useless, spineless, cowardly politicians are to blame that we do not already dispose of this facility and make use of it.

  3. He was either being trained as a sniper or has already finished training, what I am afraid of is that we will hear from this Ahole again.

    Michael it would be nice if we could figure some way to remove the Moslems from all nations they have conquered and return that land to the native people. Unfortunately I can’t think of anyway we can remove all of them from Europe (except by military force and ethnic cleansing) much less from the other areas they have conquered.

  4. The main advantages these ethnic muslim gangs have is their native “secret” languages. That is why learning Albanian and Chechen is almost inevitable (Albanians and Chechens are the most dangerous MFs).
    Removing the muslims from Europe would require decades of low intensity guerilla warfare, like the Mexicans are waging on the Gringos in the USA, and like how muslims fought for their no-go zones in the first place,
    Destroying the islam as a political-religious ideology in their home countries is more feasible than ethnically cleansing Europe.

  5. We are facing a multi-prong menace, Richard, and so I advocate a multi-prong solution formula, among which we also need at least one outpost in a less-than-pleasant setting.

    I do agree with Oogenhand that this means decades of low-intensity guerilla warfare. But if we do nothing, we still will have a low-intensity guerilla warfare, plus are doomed to loose.

    So something needs to be done. And the sooner, the more comprehensive, the more drastic, the more coordinated, the better. Everything else signals weakness. And we should know by now what that entails.

  6. @ Michael and Richard,

    The reality is we need a trigger event.

    It may be that we need an event in Canada or Europe that resembles another Beslan or another 9-11.

    Mainstream muslims realize the very thin ice they are currently walking on and are terrified that their more radical elements will not hold off until they have accomplished their goals of infiltration and contamination of our various levels of bureaucracy, political offices, law enforcement and the judiciary. Once they accomplish that, once firmly engrained they will be virtually impossible to remove….and be virtually unidentifiable.

    There are vast areas of northern Canada that are perfect for the creation of holding centers for arrested/detained muslims. These muslims would include all muslims, regardless of country of birth.

    Below is an excerpt from a piece I wrote earlier……it relates to the work that must commence if we are to effectively remove from our midst all muslims.

    Every single non-muslim in this country, save for the Leftist Useful Idiots, knows this cannot go on unless we desire to see our country destroyed at the hands of these lunatic worshiping provocateurs…….so let us move forward….let us begin the process of dealing with our muslim friends. Let us do what those men and women we elected refuse to do.

    To Start:

    1) Identify and locate, with particularity, all muslim political planning centers(mosques).

    2) Identify and locate: with particularity, all muslim associations, muslim schools and muslim social gathering places.

    3) Identify, with particularity, all muslim members of law enforcement agencies, this includes the military and the RCMP.

    4) Identify and locate all muslim owned or muslim managed businesses. This identification includes the residential location of all owners and employees including vehicles owned and, as an example, make, model and license plate numbers.)

    5) Identify, if possible, all local muslim leaders and activists with a photograph and or video.

    6) Identify, with particularity, all muslims within all levels of government including elected officials, this includes federal, provincial, state and municipal. This identification should also include boards and committees.

    7) Identify, with particularity, all muslims within the judiciary, this includes, judges, lawyers and court clerks. (a good example would be the complete list of all those lawyers and bureaucrats, such as Brydie Bethell, Dennis Edney, Nathan Whitling and John Norris, who have assisted the terrorist, Omar Khadr, in returning to Canada. Another example would be a list of judges who have rendered decisions favourable to muslim provocateurs and terrorists)

    8) Identify, with particularity, all members of the academia, including administration personnel, who are muslim.

    9) Identify, with relation to the list above, all non-muslims, who are sympathetic with, supportive of or in cooperation with muslims…..all muslims and that includes every single one from the above list. A good example of “collaborators” is Dr. Trish Fulton of the Huron University College in London, Ontario. Dr. Fulton has made close alliances with the Muslim Brotherhood. This would also include members of the legal profession who engage in “lawfare” or act on behalf of countries like Saudi Arabia that seek to tamper with the sovereignty of the United States or Canada, lawyers like Rahool. P. Agarwal of Norton Rose)

    The above information would be of tremendous assistance with the inclusion of recent photographs of particular persons, residences and buildings, this information is made better though the inclusion of a GPS address as well as a list of local law enforcement stations/facilities in close proximity to the subject.. If driving by, details that are useful also include the existence of security cameras…..in other words the more information about the particular building or person the better.


    The reality is that the removal of all muslims from North America can commence once identification is complete.

    While social media plays a trump card (ie: a family is arrested but manages to get word out on a cell phone) it can be limited in its effect by identifying the various forms of communication relevant to the particular person and or group and simply shutting down their phone service and email accounts. The removal would be, to use an American phrase, “Fast and Furious”

    Once a particular family has been arrested and transferred to a remote holding center, all of their assets would be immediately liquidated. All of their professional certifications and degrees would be immediately revoked. All of their personal belongings either liquidated or destroyed. The intent would be to strip them of everything and to have them leave Canada with just the clothes on their backs.

    These persons would be completely documented including a system of voice, biometric and DNA analysis.

    The persons would then be given a choice of islamic countries to emigrate to. The course of action up until that point would have been so robust as to leave them pleading for removal from North America. All children would leave and all medical or compassionate applications for exclusion from deportation would be refused.

    All of the entire deportation process beginning from the initial stages of location/identification of a particular person or group of persons up to their apprehension and final deportation would be paid for out of their liquidated assets.

    Once deported any remaining funds from liquidated assets would be centralized and used to pay for programs relating to the prevention of the spread of islamism or used to compensate victims of the same islamism.

    Any resistance by any persons at any stage of the deportation process would be met with authorized lethal force.

    This would get the ball rolling.

    As for the persons in Canada who are not muslim but have seen fit to further the agenda of muslims would suffer the same process of removal from mainstream society with the possible exception of a similar holding center located in northern Canada, a center whose focus was hard labour.

    This would apply to members of the legal industry, the academia, bureaucracy, politicians, media personalities, artists and other socialist/leftist elements.

    Essentially this will provide Canadians a solution to the islamic problems.

    This will also provide the muslims with a well deserved reward for treason, sedition, subversion and silence in the face of the same.

    The muslims only respect brute force, let us give them just that and only that…..every single one of them.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  7. Don I think the trigger event will come when Israel is forced to attack Iran and the Iranian supported terror groups use bio and chemical weapons on Israel. This will probably touch off large scale riots and guerrilla war in all nations. Once this starts the governments will be forced to move out of self defense, if they don’t move the Moslems will take over their nations, or their own people will lynch them. Even the dumbest of the left will see that the politicians best chance of remaining in power (a very slim one) will be to move against the Moslems.

  8. @ Don Laird

    You do know the official goverment institutions of the West are heavily infiltrated by muslims. So only the secret goverment (Masons, Skulls and Bones etc.) can act with decisiveness. Non-muslim commoners have no other choice than to form their own shadow governments. These underground movements will have their own ways of dealing with troublesome muslims. Of course, troublesome Leftists will also have to be dealt with.


    Muslims have a clear vision for enemy,non-muslim women. As long as non-muslims do not know what to do with enemy, muslim women, no large scale action is possible. Only individual muslims(generally men) can be targeted.
    A large war in the Middle-East will kill most people there, especially if WMDs are used. The only way their autosomal DNA can survive if the people in the area submit to a new religion that is controlled from Europe.

  9. Don Laird: Sounds convincing. Would you also have a formula on how to get the Balkans completely demohammedanised, ie revert its orientalised parts (through force, exerted by Turkey) to christianity?

  10. @ Michael,

    MAID…Muslim Arrest Incarceration and Removal is problematic and the solution to effective deportation and complete de-muslimization of Western countries is multifaceted.

    The script above is merely an outline that relates to both the administrative and logistical aspects of removal of muslims.

    Public sentiment is now riding on the middle line here in Canada and the United States. Public sentiment is now where it needs to be.

    What is required now is for the governments to act. Once the governments act the military will fall into line.

    The exact opposite is true in the United States where it is obvious to all that the White House Obama administration is in lock-step with the Muslim Brotherhood. There are many who point to Obama’s use of Predator Drones and the massive increase in troops in Afghanistan as “proof” of his not actively facilitating a global caliphate. Do not be fooled by this, the reality is that Obama knows killing Arab masses achieves his ends by removing his enemies and in so doing gives the American public the appearance of “business as usual” and it also paves the wave for the Muslim Brotherhood, a group who now stands on the cusp of dominant power in every country across the Middle East.

    The Muslim Brotherhood along with groups like the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and hundreds of so called “Islamic Friendship and Understanding Associations” like CAIR and many others are making an end run around charters and constitutions of all Western countries to the end of complete obliteration of the host country’s culture and political/judicial infrastructure and the replacement of the same with islam and the Shariah. We can see the emergence of this primarily in Egypt where Obama’s bitch, Morsi, has now assumed dictatorial powers and has triggered the Egyptian judicial sentences of death for foreign nationals on charges of blasphemy. This, with the full approval of Obama.

    In the case of the United States, because of the inversion of parties responsible for islamization, there will have to be a removal of Obama from the White House by senior members of the US military. At this point I know there are thousands of officers and hundreds of thousands of soldiers who are loyal to their senior commanders and the US constitution. All that is required is resolve.

    With respect to North America, to deal with the natural palatablity issues that will arise as a result of mass deportation, one simply starts with known terrorists. One will have no shortage of evidence to present to a concerned public once the muslims in places like Dearborn Michigan and Scarborough, Ontario start breaking out the weapons they have stock piled and start creating their own little Gaza’s….once this is seen Public sentiment will immediately be fully on the side of deportation and full scale removal can commence.

    As for the removal of useful idiots, word travels very quickly…….sitting on a courtroom bench pales in comparison to the options of either early retirement or forced removal and incarceration in a northern education facility.

    With further consideration to the Leftists, the reality is that removal of the same will require a few “Nights of Long Knives”, it is inevitable and perfectly acceptable. In addition, there are entire governments who are entirely complicit with the islamists in the creation of a caliphate and shariah law, for those I can see no other alternative but a coup ‘d’ etat. There is no other choice. Just look around you at several of the European countries……they are under virtual control of the islamists, a military solution would be the only solution.

    Back to the focus……..and your question.

    The answer is simple and yet complicated.

    There are thousands of “little boys” who have spent the last decade screaming and pointing to the naked emperor. We get it!!!!….the emperor is naked and muhammad has come to call.

    What is needed now is a group or person that will provide focus for the thousands of little boys…..and of all those little boys who have written reams and reams on the threat of islam there needs to be a focus, a meeting of the minds and a solution arrived at and agreed upon by all the little boys……..one solution that will provide the public with focus. In other words, we have spent years agreeing on the diagnosis…..now let us find a surgeon and commence the curative operation……the patient is dying and will not last much longer.

    Currently we are very “reactive” in our push back against the muslims, this must change, as we have seen with Pamela Geller, the game plan must change to one of “pro-activity”

    Remove the muslims either through choice or by force. Do so with the use of the military , paramilitary, law enforcement and civilian militias.

    But above all do this, do all of this, with legal legislative mechanisms. Yes, there will be killing, there may be a lot of killing but if the underlying mechanism is a legally sanctioned mechanism wrought from parliaments, legislatures, tribunals or other quasi-judicial bodies, then there is little or no avenues of redress for the “removed” and the descendants of the “removed” in decades or centuries hence.

    Part of that legislative mechanism includes the criminalization of every aspect of islam, every aspect. From the existing mosques which would be razed, to the criminalization of building new mosques. The banning of outdoor prayer, the building of minarets, the banning of all halal food including its preparation (slaughter houses).

    Again, it starts at community levels and works its way up. Once large enough it becomes unstoppable and the removal of firmly entrenched muslims is simply a natural by-product of the forward movement and growth.

    We need to start a small fire and daily, breathe more and more life into it. Soon enough it will gain its own strength and embers will become an unstoppable whirlwind. Once we reach that point we can provide a solution to the muslim problem that is global and speaks of a sense of permanence and finality heretofore undreamed of.

    But to start, simply begin by following the 9 step/point schedule above. Identification of the enemy is first and foremost.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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