Morsi Fans the Flames of Hatred in Egypt

Der Spiegel:

By Matthias Gebauer in Cairo

Muslim Brotherhood supporters carry the bodies of three dead into the Al-Azhar Mosque Friday.Zoom


Muslim Brotherhood supporters carry the bodies of three dead into the Al-Azhar Mosque Friday.

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi addressed his nation on Thursday night. But instead of striking a conciliatory tone aimed at calming the tense situation in his country, he continued to toe the Muslim Brotherhood line. More violence is almost sure to be the result, and Morsi himself shoulders the blame.

In the end, Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi took all of 35 minutes for his nationally televised speech Thursday night. And his intention was clear. During the entire day leading up to the appearance, Morsi’s advisors had repeatedly explained that the president wanted to explain himself and his policies to the people of Egypt and to inject calm into what has become the most severe crisis since the revolution against his predecessor Hosni Mubarak.

And it was certainly entertaining. Originally, the palace had announced that the speech would take place at 6 p.m. on Thursday, but then the “Address to the Great Egyptian Nation” kept getting pushed back until finally, at 10:30 p.m., Morsi turned up on national television in front of an Egyptian flag.

He need not have made the effort. The Islamist president didn’t accomplish a single one of his goals with his address, nor did he really try. Instead, his flowery rhetoric served merely to further deepen the deep divide between his supporters and the political oppositionfrom the youth movement, the left-leaning and secular parties and even the judiciary.

There wasn’t a hint of real concessions to the opposition. Even the BBC abruptly shut off its live broadcast of the speech after seven minutes because it offered nothing new.

Morsi made no overtures to his opponents, instead repeating that he would not budge from the decrees he issued at the end of November, granting him broad authority and removing checks on his powers from the judiciary. He even said that he would stick to the December 15 date for the referendum on the hastily composed Islamist constitution.

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7 thoughts on “Morsi Fans the Flames of Hatred in Egypt

  1. Egypt’s Morsi preparing to modify decree: PM

    (AFP) – 8 minutes ago

    CAIRO — Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is preparing to amend a controversial decree in which he assumed sweeping powers, Prime Minister Hisham Qandil said on Saturday.

    Morsi tasked six officials who met on Saturday with elements of the opposition to “modify the constitutional declaration” he issued on November 22, Qandil said on the private Al-Mihwar television channel.

    The officials, among them politicians and members of the judiciary, “met to draft a new text (decree) and could finalise it late on Saturday or on Sunday morning,” he added.

    Morsi also said he wished to discuss the possibility of postponing a referendum on a draft constitution that the opposition said was rushed through by a panel dominated by Islamists.

    Morsi’s November 22 decree — which put his decisions beyond judicial review — sparked Egypt’s current political crisis, which has seen deadly clashes between his Islamist supporters and secular-leaning opponents.

    Seven people died and more than 600 were injured on Wednesday night in clashes between the two sides outside the presidential palace, and army tanks were deployed to keep demonstrators at bay.

    The new draft charter, approved by an Islamist-dominated panel, boycotted by liberals and Christians and objected to by the opposition on the grounds that it limits freedom of expression, women’s rights and freedom of worship, is set for a popular referendum on December 15.

    Opposition leaders have said they will only take part in talks if the referendum is postponed and Morsi repeals his decree.

  2. Egypt arrests suspect in US ambassador’s killing (NBCNews, Dec 8, 2012):

    “A suspect accused of involvement in the attack that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Libya has been arrested in Egypt, two intelligence sources in Cairo told NBC News Saturday. Mohammed Abu Jamal Ahmed, allegedly a member of a militant group, was detained in Cairo where he lives, the sources said. In addition to the allegations that he was involved in the attack in Benghazi, he is also accused of transporting weapons from Libya to Egypt, the sources added. Ahmed, in his late 30s, was in prison prior to the uprising that deposed former President Hosni Mubarak, but managed to escape in one of several prison breaks in the aftermath of the revolution, one of the sources said. Ahmed has been known to Egyptian intelligence officials for several years and had “active relations” with radical militant groups involved in Iraq and Afghanistan, the source said.”

    You may want to check out this one, too, dear friends.

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