Israeli infiltrates Europe’s Muslim community part II (German titles)

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  1. Silver Scumbag - Canada says:

    The name of the Israeli journalist is Zvi Yehezkeli.

    During operation pillar of defense in gaza, which sadly was ended by Hillary’s muslim bosses, I watched him on Israel Channel 10 on the Internet.

    He was born to a family with Iraqi and Kurdish origins, and served in an infantry unit in the IDF. After his military service, he was sent abroad for a few years by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Back in Israel at the age of 25, he attended the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, majoring in Media and Middle East History, where he acquired his Arabic. Later he joined Israel´s Army Radio as the Gaza and West Bank reporter, and from time to time contributed various reports to the Israeli TV’s Channel 1Yoman news program.

    During this time, he also completed his Master´s degree, majoring in Middle East History, as well as graduating in Media and Journalism at Koteret. In 2002 he left the Israel Army Radio to join News 10 as the head of Desk for Arab Affairs. Today, Yehezkeli takes an active and integral part in News 10´s London and Kirschenbaum with reports about the Arab world and the Middle East

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