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7 thoughts on “Another video on the life of the pirate Mohamed

  1. Give him a few minutes – he is busy helping to install a “new” regime in Syria, and Clinton is busy schmusing with her “close advisorette”.

  2. I would have liked to have seen an image or two of Rage Boy in the video. I’m sure with the right promoter RB could earn a tidy sum in the west. Where’s Max Clifford when you need him most?

  3. I can only wish him best luck and succes for his movie as spanish politicians pour euros by the hundred of thousands to mosques. Like a few thousands for this muslim association , a few thousands for another one and so on.

    At this pace, Firasat’s problem will soon turn to a quest for a country to live that is not preyed by islam.

  4. That’s real courage, folks. He will probably be killed for doing this, and yet he is doing it anyway. What’s it going to take for our leftists to get their fingers out of their ears for long enough to let in just a little bit of truth? I’d like to take Germain Greer, tie her into a chair with her eyes forced open, and make her hear the story of Um Kirfa. I would like to see how Germain handles the fact that Mohammed’s men had her torn apart at the legs by two camels for the crime of fighting back against one of his attacks, and for being a woman in a position of authority.

    I’ve long wondered what the average Muslim would say if they had the opportunity to speak freely, and I believe I am having my question answered right now by the crowds of Egypt. It looks to me as if the average Muslim is in complete agreement with the likes of Osama bin Laden and shares the Jihadist dream of world domination by Islam. Yes, some of them want to live in modern times, but the vast majority of Muslims want to stay in the 7th century and there is nothing we can do about that. If we keep letting them come into Canada we will be facing a civil war in the future. Why does every single politician in Canada, including Stephen Harper, want to plant the seeds for civil war in Canada?

    The big, big question, as far as I am concerned, is why would any decent person hold a murdering, lying, child molester like Mohammed in high regard? What does that say about the average Muslim? Why would anybody want to have anything to do with a person who worshiped an obscene bastard like Mohammed Abdullah?

  5. Nice to make the effort, but the clip looks like a knockoff of Fitna, Geert Wilder’s film, which was better.

    Also, too much reading required. If I wanted to read, I would get a book. There should be a narrator reading the verses as they are shown, at the least.

    Sorry to be critical of a probably heartfelt creation, but I (a wonk on jihad matters) was quickly bored and didn’t even watch the whole thing.

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