Sudan nabs Israeli ‘spy’ vulture

Oh those clever Israelis! Training vultures to steal the valuable secrets of the Sudan!

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Ynet News:

Bird captured in Darfur has Khartoum atwitter, as it was found tagged with Israeli Park Services GPS chip. Sudan says bird was on espionage mission; Israel: Chip a standard migration tracker

Roi Kais

Published: 12.06.12, 20:21 / Israel Environment

Three Days of the Condor, Sudan style: Sudanese media was a buzz Thursday, with news saying that Darfur authorities had captured a vulture carrying Israeli spy gear.

The suspect bird was found to be tagged with an Israeli GPS chip and a leg band labeled “Israel Nature Service” and “Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

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Khartoum’s media claimed that the device was capable of taking photos and sending them back to Israel; but Israel’s National Parks Service dismissed the allegation, saying that both the band and the GPS chip were nothing more than standard migration trackers.

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2 thoughts on “Sudan nabs Israeli ‘spy’ vulture

  1. Mohammed claimed that ants talked to each other and that black dogs were evil. Superstitious Muslims didn’t need to find ‘chips’ or cameras on these birds. They probably believe that these animals could be trained to be Zionists and are capable of flying back to Israel and ‘talking’ to the Israelis. After all if Allah turned the Jews into apes and pigs, maybe he turned some of them into vultures and pigeons.
    Muslims are barking mad and I would suggest that hundreds of millions of them probably need to be sectioned in psychiatric wards.

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