An Australian muslim speaks his mind.

It is often said that a half truth is the damnedest of lies. This example is a rather excellent one. Much of what he says of course are lies. But on where he is truthful, we should take heed. It will come to blood as it does everywhere Islam feels emboldened enough to force its totalitarian and barbaric, irrational sharia on the rest of the population. Those people need to be aware, and be prepared.

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12 thoughts on “An Australian muslim speaks his mind.

  1. I have said it before….and I will say it again…..the conflict with islam and muslims in Europe and across the UK and North America will come to blood……it is inevitable… state otherwise is both foolish and indicative of gross ignorance of 1400 years of history…

    Here is a muslim who simply speaks the truth…..a truth we are ignoring to our considerable peril and detriment…

    We are as the cancer patient who seeks to cure an aggressive cancer with a cup of herb tea and a few lines from a Joan Baez tune…….and this, much to the amusement of the muslims…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. What a disturbed, sick bastard, and a traitor to Australia. May he find his martyrdom in the front sights of somebodys weapon. I’d love to do the deed myself.

  3. And yet, we keep rushing head-over-heels to squeeze as many tens-of-thousands of Muslims as we possibly can into Canada. Honestly. What’s going on? Our leaders can’t be unaware of guys like this guy in the video. They can’t watch the Egyptian mobs on the News at night and wish that more of those guys were over here.
    What part of “mortal enemy” don’t they understand. If we allow it there is going to be a horrible war in the future between the Muslims and the rest of us, and if to the degree that they’ve managed to infiltrate the West, it will be a civil war as well. It really looks as if the people in charge want it to go that way. That’s what it looks like from down here…

    That guy in the video should be taken as a prisoner of war and kept in a POW camp for the rest of his miserable life, or until the Jihadists call it off. That’s what should happen. We’ve got to get real about this.

  4. The evidence is clear all over the world. Where there are Muslims in large numbers, there is bloodshed and wars. How our leaders and left wing socialist elites don’t see that simply boggles the mind. There will be war. That is obvious because we are doing nothing to stop the floodgates of this parasite.

  5. Excellent point Chris……

    But the reality is the Jihadists never will call it off….ever….

    As for rushing to squeeze tens of thousands of muslims into Canada, there is truth in that….and the Conservative government knows this…

    I work closely with the oilpatch in Western Canada and can tell you that the Conservative government has let thousands of Somalian muslims into Canada and done so with little in the way of background checks…..

    These Somalians are orthodox muslims, many of whom are directly connected to Boko Haram and Al Shabab… addition, much of the money earned by the Somalian’s in Canada goes back to Somalia through money and wire transfers and directly into the pockets of Al Shabab…

    We are beginning to pay the price for allowing Third World countries to flush their emigration toilets through our front doors here in North America..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  6. For at least 4 decades I’ve said that Muslim immigrants will one day wage war on us. It wont matter if they become the majority and acquire power quite legally by democratic vote. To sanctify conquest of the Infidel lands, blood will be spilt. Only then does the conquest become sanctified.

  7. A trainee teacher Heather Matthews, 27, says Islam has brought her love and happiness that she never found in her old shallow lifestyle. She said I thought I
    needed to act and dress in a certain way to feel good about myself. I
    see girls now and think about what image they are portraying to other people, especially men. It is about self-respect. If you dress
    and act in a certain way, rightly or wrongly, you will be treated
    in a certain way. Islam has taught me about real love, not
    false passion and lust. I can even see the logic in arranged

    A study by multi-faith group Faith Matters found the number of Muslim
    converts in Britain has now passed 100,000, doubling in ten years.
    The report estimated nearly two-thirds of the new converts were women,
    with an average age of like Mrs Matthews.

    I had several Muslim sisters with me and they bought me a hijab and =
    Islamic books to celebrate. It was wonderful. But she admits that her friends have been shocked at her conversion to a religion which =
    is often seen as being oppressive towards women. People are
    probably thinking, it is just another one of
    Heathers fads. It is what
    I’ve been searching for during the times I’ve been
    filling my life with instant gratification, she said. Mrs
    Matthews, from Preston, has also had a cautious reaction from her
    family. But it is the response from passers-by that surprised her the
    most especially the effect of her headscarf. No men
    try to chat me up. It is an idiot repellent. When I’m wearing
    the headscarf I can smile at people without them thinking it is a sexual
    advance, she said. I definitely agree with
    Islam’s principles of not having sex with someone you
    not married to and to save your beauty for your husband. So I think my next partner would need to be a practising Muslim to understand. People think I must be oppressed but I’m a strong,
    confident and free woman, she said. I know I
    one of the most unlikely people to revert to Islam.
    It astounds me. But I’ve done it for love and happiness
    and it has completely changed my life.

  8. He is talking about the Mahdi. And is to my knowledge a sunni (I think I have seen other youtube vids with him, he is clearly a convert).

    I think muslims on a wide scale are going in to apocalypto-mode. This of course to refuel their faith with new energy. It will make them even more dangerous and militant, but it is also a sign of weakness and a signal of all out collapse to come.

  9. Don you are right about the coming war, it will be bloody.

    Pope Urban I think most of us know Iran is playing to a timetable to fit a prophecy about the Mahdi, one that is to bring about an apocalyptic war, what is scaring me is that the Western Leaders are all too afraid of their own shadows to fight back when a major attack comes. The weakness of our leaders is guaranteeing that we face a very bloody war, one that could have been avoided if they had acted in the Wests best interest several decades ago.

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