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8 thoughts on “New Zealand finds solution to taxis that will not pick up the blind with dogs…

  1. hilarious, either Mad or Sat Night used to run a sequence on Toonces the Driving Cat,

    Yes, these islamic drivers need to be weeded out, either follow our standards or go back to
    the hell hole they came from, grrrrr backward psychos

  2. Oh really……

    Well just wait until one of these Doggie Drivers gets a load of a cat that needs chasing…..whilst in the drivers seat…


  3. I’ll bet you anything that people’s dogs used to growl at Mohammed whenever he came around and that’s why he hated dogs so much. The dogs would be able to see through their masters fawning and smiling and into the real terror that would grip any sane person in the presence of Mohammed Abdallah and his body guard, Hamza. Even dogs could tell what an evil bastard Mohammed was…

  4. Consider this…..

    Dogs have rescued families from certain death by sounding the alarm in a burning house…

    Dogs have stayed with lost children keeping them warm through freezing temperatures until they were found…

    Dogs are the eyes, the intelligent eyes, of blind people….

    Dogs can sense emotional upset and stress and endeavor to comfort the person…

    Dogs can sense a person is about to die as seen in many old folks homes and palliative care units….where they stay close to a person and the same is usually dead within 12 to 24 hours….

    The presence or touch of a dog or cat calms heart rates, lowers blood pressure and has therapeutic qualities, and being near catatonic patients, bringing them out of their stupor and back to life….

    A dogs sense of smell and its intuition has been found to be able to detect forms of cancer….

    Lost or abandoned dogs have traveled, unassisted ,sometimes thousands of miles, to be reunited with their owners….

    And there is more, so very much more…….

    So, it would not be too much of a stretch to understand that many animals can and could sense the cancerous, murderous malevolence manifest in that piece of human garbage that called himself a “prophet?”……the fraud known as “muhammmad”

    Myself……I would prefer the company of the the most miserable,mangy, flea bitten cur over the company of a muslim any day………any day….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  5. I’m sure I’ve said this before here, but yes, you’re all correct. They say that dogs can see ghosts and evil spirits. Stick a dog in a haunted house and he will often bark and growl at what appears to us humans to be nothing.
    Dogs hated Mohammed because they knew what an evil demon-possessed bastard he really was. Funnily enough they didn’t usually bark at Hitler, probably because, relatively speaking, even this demented Jew-hating Nazi lunatic was a nicer man than Allah’s prophet of doom!

  6. Get real! Write into the taxi-driver’s conditions of service that dogs, whether for the blind or otherwise must be allowed in taxis but not be put in the boot. Dogs are more valuable than muzzi camel drivers!

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