Golden Dawn offices damaged by bomb


A makeshift bomb exploded at the offices of the far-Right political party Golden Dawn near Athens in the early hours of Tuesday, ripping through a wall and smashing the windows of an adjacent building but causing no injuries, police said.

Golden Dawn offices damaged by bomb

Police stand guard outside the Golden Dawn offices after the explosion Photo: REUTERS
Alex Spillius

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2:47PM GMT 04 Dec 2012

A police official, who declined to be named, said the attack was most likely carried out by a far-Left group. “It was a powerful blast that caused a lot of damage,” he said. “It looks like [domestic] terrorism.”

The device packed with dynamite was placed outside the party’s local offices in Aspropyrgos, an industrial suburb west of Athens.

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Golden Dawn seems to have posted video to what looks like its own youtube channel of the aftermath of the explosion. Not subtle.

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8 thoughts on “Golden Dawn offices damaged by bomb

  1. Oh lordy. I can imagine what the words to that music are:

    “Kiw da immagwents! Kiw da immagwents!…”

    What a buncha maroons.

  2. Notice the pile of motorcyle helmets on the stairs at 0:46

    It’s a political headquarters, not a motorcycle shop. And nobody was in there at the time. So why all those motorcylce helmets? What a despicable pack of thugs.

  3. Idiot fascists, you anti-white scum are laughable, for decades you have been able to do what you want to the ignorant defenceless peoples of Europe, multiculturalism has been able to run free and infect and disort. But now the tide has turned and you left-wing bigots are urinating on yourselfs, when you rapist racist immigrants are caugh and beaten up, when your whore lying journalist lies are laughed at by the people. When you anti-freedom of speech laws are unable to contain your lies anymore. You turn to terrorism, terrorism is the last act of the vanished.

  4. OxAO There was a bunch of motorcycle helmets on the stairs. If people owned those helmets they would not be all in a pile in the headquarters but in individual peoples posession at their homes. There was nobody in the building when it was attacked. Why did all the supposed motorcyle owners just happen to leave their helmets at the political parties headquarters?

    The story did not say there was a motorcycle dealership on the first floor and there didn’t appear to be one in the video footage.

    They are kept at the headquarters because they are not used for riding motorcylcles but as armor in street brawling or intimidation.

    They hide the identity of the thugs so they can’t be identified. The facelessness makes the thugs more intimidating and they can be used as weapons.

    Hence my deduction that the pile of motorcycle helmets indicates The Golden Dawn are a pack of psychotic thugs. But that’s not exactly an earth shattering revelation.

    It also shows they are borderline retarded. Any palywood propogandist worth his salt would have edited out the motorcyle helmets.

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