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3 thoughts on “Video to augment article on chronic street crime in Germany

  1. Once in a while we need to step back and see the over all picture. We see these crimes in the streets and wars Islam is waging on other Muslims trying to take power in the Middle east. the +2000 terrorist attacks and so on.

    But someone pointed out the other day and he might be right even with all these problems we have less of a chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime then anytime in history.

    My question are we living in the most peaceful time in history? For the last 150 years we have been dealing with extreme leftists committing domocide this has greatly decreased

  2. What a condescending quip by the Senator to sneeringly say that : “There is the felt (perceived) threat and then there are the numbers”, suggesting that the numbers show all is for the best in the best of all worlds. I tend to go with the vox populi guy who said that he thinks it’s rather too late. With senators like that one – it certainly is. thanks for that video.

  3. “We work to pull them over to our side, the Los Arabs.” There is so much irony in that statement. “our side” implies there will always remain a division. What in his pea brained mind convinces him that anyone self-identified as a member of “Los Arabs” will ever consider erasing his identity in exchange for German identity? Where has that ever convincingly occured before? Libyans remain Arab, Iraqi’s remain Arab, Tunisians remain Arab etc. etc. Those Arabs that are Muslim, for the most part remain Muslim first and foremost. Look to France’s ZUS or those expanding no-go zones in merry ‘ole England, the Netherlands etc.
    The writing is on the wall . . .there has been no evidence that the opposing civilizational rules of Islam will ever be tamed, lest ‘assimilated’ to German, Dutch, French, etc cultures.

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