The government of Turkey, actually worse than Disney!

I think most people are aware now that if anyone was to use Disney owned fictional characters without specific permission, whether it is on clothing or jewelry or even drawing your own cartoon with them you will hear from Disney’s lawyers at hypersonic speeds. And a good case can be made that this is OK actually. Disney either spent a ton of money and work developing and promoting these characters or buying them from the people/companies who did.

Turkey however, seems to have taken it upon itself to regulate how any and all religious characters in the (originally) Jewish and Christian pantheon are portrayed and have taken the Simpsons to court for defamation of religion.

This, is a much more serious matter than it sounds. This is part of the incremental process of forcing Islamic values on the world, much like the Egyptian judgment condemning 8 people, many of whom not even in Egypt, to death for blasphemy/defamation of religion. This was covered Dec 1 in our interview with Stephen Coughlin on this exact matter.

This will not end here. In fact it has just begun. This will progress, if allowed by the rest of us, till Muslims control the way all religion and religious icons/archetypes and avatars are represented anywhere. The issue is not that sharia and Islamic values apply to us. It does. The issue is whether or not they can enforce it wherever it is you happen to live.

At this link is a video depicting the ‘offending’ Simpsons clip with some analysis.


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