ETFO workshop on Islamophobia raises eyebrows

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Toronto Sun
ETFO president Sam Hammond (DAVE THOMAS/Toronto Sun)

When U.S. President Barack Obama told the great and the good at the United Nations in September that “the future does not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam” nobody would have expected him to be taken quite so literally and so quickly.

At least not in Canada. Still less by that august body known as the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO).

Although as a union one might have thought the immediate concern of the ETFO is the welfare of teachers, their honourable profession and the completion of the union’s gleaming new multimillion-dollar Toronto headquarters, it seems they cannot resist the opportunity to take to the pulpit and teach a little tolerance to those who might slander Islam.

We know this because in the ETFO Equity and Women’s Services’ advertised 2012-13 workshop list there is a session titled Addressing Islamophobia: A Discussion for Educators.

Nothing wrong with that. I guess. Except it poses the question: Why is a trade union taking a stance on religion and seeking to highlight perceived injustices in a world that is full of injustice?

There is unfairness everywhere if the ETFO is prepared to look hard enough for it. More than enough to go around.

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5 thoughts on “ETFO workshop on Islamophobia raises eyebrows

  1. However, the implications of this horseshit are the perpetuation of this focus, way of thinking on young ‘dull’ teachers, who then project it in all aspects of our youth, on a daily basis, in all areas of learning and socializtion….influenciing the minds of the children in their care

  2. Those pro-islamics and islamics have made it such that it is dangerous to criticise islam publicly and therefore all this support for their islam is only making it worst for us disadvantaged nonbelievers who do NOT wish to have anything to do with oppressive islamics or oppressive asian people.

  3. Have you seen the reactions at ? There’s this one by 13thgeneration13 (you may have to accept their loading invitation several times to get there):

    ‘I’ve had all I will take from the cockroaches of allah. These despicable hoards have invaded my country and brought nothing but ill will to my fellow Canadians. Their demands are being accepted and changes are happening ever day to appease these turds of the desert. You are not welcome in my Country. Your values are not shared by me and for that I know you wish me, as an infidel, dead. I have news for all the Muzzlethems, stay away from me, my family, and do not cross my path as I will inflict the same punishment to you as you are praying for me in my public school system. I have had enough. This is Canada, not some 3rd world 6th century abode that you have entered. Take your sharia laws and your head wrapped women and leave. You are not welcome here. I do not fear you as the system would have you believe, I despise you and what you stand for. You are the garbage of this planet and it is for that reason that many countries are banning your inhumane practices and banishing you from their shores. Take note, You have infiltrated Canada and as you begin to mass your insane followers I too am building my army to rise against you and the culture you praise. Get the fahq out of my country and do not return. You are not welcome. Have a Merry Christmas.’

    Good to see that free speech still has a place somewhere in the west.

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