Radical gang terrorizing swiss teens

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More than 20 complaints
Radical gang terrorizing swiss teens


Lickings, threats and drugs: A gang of radical moslems forced Neuch‚tel adolescents. They forced them to deal drugs and to get into debt. On top, they beat and kidnapped some of them.

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For years, nobody dared to denounce the gang. In march, the terror became public, when an adolescent applied for help to police
‘Wearing an imposed hood, tied up and marked by beatings, they held him gagged in a cave.’ With these words, Nicolas Feuz, the responsible public prosecutor, describes the fate undergone by one of the adolescents who resisted to the drug gang going by the self-chosen name of ‘Jamahat’.

Since 2008, this radical-islamic drug gang has not shied away from any means, in orer to defend its local marihuana monopoly in Le Locle and Neuch‚tel.

For this purpose, they not only forced their young clients to deal drugs in lieu of themselves, but also forced them to procure them several smartphones. To reach this objective, several of the victims had to sign up to seven subscriptions, thereby getting into a debt of several thousand franks. Later, the cell phones were sold by the perpetrators on the black market.

The gang consisted of youngsters from Chechnya, Afghanistan and former Yugoslavia [ie usually the mohammedan parts of it, translator’s note], who committed themselves to a radical form of islam. Intimidated by them, some of their victims even converted to islam.

For years, nobody dared to denounce the gang. In march, the terror became public, when an adolescent applied for help to police. Then, police caught the Jamahat members red-handed in La Chaux-de-Fonds and remanded them.

Since then, more then further 20 complaints have arrived. Now, police are looking for the cave in the Jura/Tri Lake area, where the clan maintained a marihuana plantation.



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  1. These islamo-gang bangers need to be gathered up, no trial, take ’em out and shoot them. They are sub-human scum, and deserve to be exterminated like cockroaches.

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