Report: Jewish woman murdered, cut in two in Iran

Israel Hayom:

Israel Radio: The woman lived in a house located next to a mosque slated for expansion • She filed a complaint about forceful efforts to take over her home • Group murdered her and cut her body in half.

Israel Hayom Staff

A Jewish Iranian woman (right) prays with Muslim women at the tomb of the biblical prophet Daniel, in the Iranian city of Susa. [Illustrative]

Photo credit: AP

A Jewish woman in Isfahan, Iran, was murdered and cut in half by Muslim extremists who wanted to take over her home, Israel Radio reported on Thursday.

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One Response to Report: Jewish woman murdered, cut in two in Iran

  1. Tarbock says:

    With a vast country to choose from, what else would motivate Muslims to site a mosque in a Jewish area or next to a Jewish home, other than the Islamic supremacist aim of dominating or driving out other religions?

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