Moroccans fed up with moroccan harassment

Translated by Michael Laudahn:

The moroccan community in the Rotterdam borough of Delfshaven is totally fed up with the terror that has been caused by mororccan drug gangs for years, according to [newspaper] Trouw.
During a number of debates – of which the first took place wednesday night – , moroccan rotterdammers will discuss with each other frankly and without taboos the problems caused by their sons. And ‘hopefully also their own roll in their children’s education’, says Carlos GonÁalves, president of the Delfshaven borough.

The drug gangs intimidate business people and residents alike. During a large-scale police action, where also the revenue and welfare services took part, 500 individuals were detained. ‘Sometimes complete families were involved in drug-trafficking’, according to GonÁalves.


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4 thoughts on “Moroccans fed up with moroccan harassment

  1. moroccans nor any non-european have any place in Europe, cast them off! Why don’t they go rot themselves in fucking Africa!?

  2. This is actually quite ironic. The Moraccans are tired of harassment of their own. The Dutch have been fed up with it since the 90’s.. But cowed not to say anything about it.

    I used to go to the Neatherlands 2 or 3 times a year, I would bring my touring bicycle on the ferry and ride around the country. I would end up in some nice towns and villages and talk with the locals having a beer. Always in polite company and very quietly they would voice their concerns about all the Muslims. In the 90’s people were concerned about the amount left in to their country, and how they did not have any interest in being “Dutch”.

  3. All the the African embassies, middle eastern embassies and Asian embassies should be told to return to their countries of origin too. one just get sick and tired of all the greedy non-whites chinese, morrocon, indians etc coming to Europe and causing Europe a more unhappy place to be in.

  4. We’re talking about people who have lies and deceit firmly locked in their genetic material, and who respond to the ultimate handbook for successful parasitism. Personally, I don’t believe a word they’re saying.

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