Islamists silence the musicians who guide rural Mali

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CS Monitor:

For centuries, griots have directed ceremonies, smoothed over disputes, and served as repositories of history and genealogy. Now in northern Mali they are out of a job.

By John Thorne, Correspondent / November 27, 2012

Bamako, Mali

Down a street of red earth near the outskirts of the Malian capital, a family is preparing for the naming ceremony of its newest member – an event now forbidden in their northern home region by Islamist militants who seized control there earlier this year.

“They say sharia forbids it,” says Rakiatou Wallet Tannal, an aunt of the newborn girl, referring to Islamic law. “That’s their sharia, not the sharia of Muslims.”

The stricture hits especially hard for families like Ms. Wallet Tannal’s, part of a hereditary caste of bards and storytellers found across West Africa and commonly known by their French name, “griot.”

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3 Responses to Islamists silence the musicians who guide rural Mali

  1. When*Pigs*Fly says:

    Islam destroys everything in its path. If you don’t believe it, read your history books. It contributes absolutely nothing positive to the world……..(spits in derision)

  2. Truthiocity says:

    The muslims are trying to destroy the griot tradition because it holds the rest of the indiginous culture together. Destroy that and replace it with their fascist ideology.

    Islam is the destruction of multiculturallism. The single most important thing in islam is the destruction of the indiginous religous shrines and theft of the kabaa which represented the multicultural open nature of pre muslim arabia. That’s why it’s the start of their calander.

    That’s what muslims are really comemorating when they goose step around that stolen shrine. They are celebrating the destruction of other cultures. The destruction of real multiculturalism.


    That is a clue to what is at the heart of Islam and it’s practice. When all those moderate muslims are being “pious” this is what is at the heart of what they are being pious about.

    This supposed religion is nothing but the celebration of the destruction of other cultures.

  3. Truthiocity says:

    They can tack on as many bells and whistles as they like but it’s nothing more than a dark ages military ideology.

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