Expelling evil spirits in the UK starting at £60.00

I am somewhat sympathetic to this issue. I remember a couple of times where I was profoundly under the influence of two evils. Djinn, and a related evil, Tonixx. On both occasions I was profoundly possessed. What I remember from those nights I shall never forget. Avoiding Djinn and Tonixx is good advice to everyone frankly.

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8 thoughts on “Expelling evil spirits in the UK starting at £60.00

  1. Mind you this was, a first world nation. London now has this, African ju-ju healers and exorcist. And of course human sacrifice of young children. And the liberals (sick leftist/Marxist) still want to bang away about the horrors of Christianity and witch burning that happened hundreds of years ago as some sort of relativism for this kind of thing in 2012.

  2. Back to the TO: How much lower can we sink, to allow such nonsense to happen? Does the NHS pay for it? In case they gave the answer somewhere later in the video: I just couldn’t watch it to the end.

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