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4 thoughts on “YouTube movie rage: ‘Innocence of Muslims’ creator says he has “no regrets

  1. @morticiaa

    Well we may not know the facts about this guy, but we do know the facts about the guy the movie was about, ie Mohammed, and he was a filthy, cowardly, twisted scumbag. That’s all anyone needs to know.

  2. $80,000? Bullpucky. I saw it. You all saw it. There is no possible way that short film cost $80,000.

    And the fact that he said, under his first alias, before anyone knew his name (so nobody else could have used that name fraudulently- because nobody knew who he was yet) that “100 jewish doctors” financed it, means to me that he was acting as an agent for the scumbags organizing the protests.

  3. One of the real facts about the guy was that he had been arrested for check kiting (as a part of a gang), a complex and subtle fraud involving multiple checking accounts and credit cards. That was the exact same crime a shia “imam” was busted for (raising money for Hizbollah) around the same time in the same area of the country.

    I know it’s not even circumstantial evidence but it should be enough to prompt counter espionage types to investigate his connections and his connection’s connections.

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