US Imam busted for pretty much every horrible crime you can name

Orange County USA imam killed people, took hostages, planned overseas attacks on US bases. Dog bites man, but still, most people don’t get it. Thanks SDAMATT

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3 Responses to US Imam busted for pretty much every horrible crime you can name

  1. OxAO says:

    the news lady is clueless about Islam but got to give her credit for reporting this.

    She said, “He wasn’t just talking about the Qur’an .. he was bringing guns and ammunition here (with a very surprised voice.)”

    Almost sad how little she? knows about what a Mosque is.

  2. wtd2 says:

    @1:52 in the video report, the female reporter walks in front of the mosque @ which this ‘imam’ uh, ‘served’. The mosque appears to be nothing more than a mobile home conversion . . .aka ‘trailor trash’. Then take a good look at the personal shelter this ‘imam’ resided in @ the 2:00 minute mark. This pious s.o.b. profitted from his flock of sheep to the tune of comfortable digs and a nice ride. . .in addition to the nifty ‘toys’ (arsenal) the FBI notes being taken into the ‘mosque’. FRY THIS S.O.B., RICO every asset of every congregant involved in this deadly treasonous ‘piety’.

  3. Richard says:

    Hang him.

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