Teenager held for throwing ham at mosque

First of all, it is not exactly rare to have teenage boys tossing the ham. But all kidding aside…

If one reads the story carefully, it would appear that the kid who did no harm by throwing some meat at a building, was probably beaten by one of the members of the religion of peace for his troubles, which today is a lesser crime than doing something which diminishes Islam. Clearly then, sharia norms apply if my assessment of what took place is correct. As beating a person should be orders of magnitude greater than tossing meat at a building, even if that act shows disrespect for the actions and teachings associated with that building.

At the end of the day, lets all hope this becomes an Olympic event.

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London Evening Standard

 27 November 2012

A 16-year-old boy was arrested by police investigating a hate crime after pieces of ham were thrown at a mosque.

The teenager was held on suspicion of a religiously aggravated public order offence by officers called to Broadfield Mosque in Crawley, West Sussex.

Sussex Police said “real anguish and anxiety” was caused to worshippers who witnessed the incident as they left the mosque at around 4pm last Tuesday.

Eating pork and products made from it is strictly forbidden in Islam.

The arrested teenager, who is from the local area, has been freed on police bail pending further inquiries.

Sergeant Jim Collen, of Sussex Police, said: “This was a very unpleasant incident which has naturally caused real anguish and anxiety amongst worshippers at the mosque.

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2 thoughts on “Teenager held for throwing ham at mosque

  1. And finally, as decided by the self-righteous and morally superior Left:- throwing a piece of meat at a building is far more shocking and criminal than beating your wife, raping children or bombing innocent people.

    Long live socialism, the natural political home for dunces, cowards and the completely corrupt!

  2. Yes,
    “Disorder which broke out following the incident was also being investigated, police said.
    Mr Collen said: “We are aware of a relatively minor altercation that we hope to resolve using our restorative justice programme.”

    I too would like to hear about the “relatively minor altercation” which the police deem unworthy of investigation.

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