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7 thoughts on “Nov 28th. Students clash with security. Egypt

  1. The Muslim Brotherhood telegraphed months in advance what they were going to do (on their website – not hard to figure out) now they’re doing it. Why is everyone so surprised?

  2. The green lasers are being used to try to blind the police/army in their trucks. Such lasers are also used by hooligans near airports, where (for kicks) they shine them into the cockpits of low-flying planes as they come into land.

    I think I will have to get myself a stock of them for the next time I’m on a demo and the police get heavy-handed!

  3. The significance of a green laser is that green is the most visible color to the human eye. so for example, a 5 mW green laser will have a visible beam in a dark environment while a 5 mW red one will not. Only the dot will be visible.

    The advantage of having a visible beam is that you can accurately point it to places that have no other easy points of reference. A great example would be a specific star you want someone to look at and green lasers are used extensively for astronomy for that reason.

    Also they can be used for less altruistic purposes and in higher powers can be used to temporarily or permanently (depending on the power used) blind the driver of a vehicle or even an aircraft. Seeing the beam makes it easy to aim.

    I don’t know who is using them here. It could be just people taking advantage of the chaos and using their toys in public, which in many of the videos is clearly the case, but occasionally I have seen them used at official vehicles.

    In higher powers these are not yet fully banned in western nations but they will be soon.

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