Lausanne: A madman attacking police officers

Translation by Michael Laudahn:

From News 24 Switzerland

Police officers were taken on by a particularly violent man during an intervention, last friday in Lausanne.

Friday 23 november, shortly before noon, Lausanne police were called to the SÈvelin quarter, where an individual had smashed with a chair the windshield of a parked vehicle. According to our information, it was a person of the Vaud migrant reception centre who took on one of its vehicles stationed in front of its headoffice. At the same time, a police patrol car was stopped by witnesses to the scene.

Once arrived, the officers were received by this individual, who held a glass bottle in his hand. The officers did not even manage to get out of their car, when the man already attacked their patrol vehicle, dishing out several violent bottle smashes against the left part of the windshield, until it broke apart. Under the impact of the shock, one of the officers received broken bits of glass in his eyes and his mouth.

The officers were obliged to use means of force, in order to contain this very aggressive individual, which they managed to dominate, assisted by a second patrol which arrived as a reenforcement. The man was brought to police headquarters, where he again appeared extremely aggressive, beating another officer in his face.


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