Egyptian Court sentences Terry Jones to death

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Egypt shows Koran burning, Innocence of Muslims in Cairo court, sentences Terry Jones to death (Along with 6 others)

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The Cairo court room was shown a video clip of Terry Jones burning a Koran, to the objection of lawyers. The President of the Court insisted that all the evidence needed to be seen.  The trailer of Innocence of Muslims was also shown, along with scenes from riots in Benghazi, Libya against the film. Terry Jones was accused by the court of being “an insult to Islam and a threat to national unity.”


Egypt: Court sentences Terry Jones to death over burnt Koran

Death penalty also for 6 Copts in U.S. over anti-Mohammed film

ANSAmed-1 hour ago

28 November, 14:01

(ANSAmed) – Cairo, November 28 – An Egyptian high court on Wednesday sentenced to death US pastor Terry Jones for burning copies of the Koran.

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4 thoughts on “Egyptian Court sentences Terry Jones to death

  1. Two things:

    Firstly, Egyptian courts have no jurisdiction over U.S. residents (although I don’t suppose that will stop them trying, the conceited, small-minded vermin that they are).

    Secondly, anyone who puts a book (and a worthless, shit book at that) over a human life is little more than a cockroach!

    This is another example of Muslim arrogance. In a sane World, we would have trod on these fuckers years ago and tossed their carcasses into the desert. When sanity finally is restored these Arab degenerates will not know what has hit them. I am really get sick and tired of this Islamic posturing. If it weren’t for us these nutjobs would be eating sand for their dinners.

  2. In the UK, Terry Jones would have been imprisoned.

    Now let me get this straight:

    Killed or Imprisoned.

    Life, Liberty… and what’s the other word? Ah yes, Freedom, that thing when you lived in a democracy.

    Mulsim Brotherhood meets Socialist Sisterhood.

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