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16 thoughts on “British Lord proposes nuking Pak-Afghan border to discourage terrorism.

  1. Without going too much into details here: He is certainly right to propose unorthodox, massive measures against the ditto situation we are facing.

    The western – or white in general – countries should also consider to use similarly drastic measures to get rid of their uninvited mohammedan guests. My favourite solution there is a large, sex-separated repatriation camp on Greenland, without too much comfort like warm water/heating or halal food (why not feed them with cod-liver oil instead), and to be guarded by polar bears. To get them there, round them up with military means, and their leftist allies along with them.

    It may be administrated by the UN but under white supervision. In this environment, the inmates will have the choice whether to cooperate so their repatriation is a matter of weeks, or drag their feet and get used to their new home. What formula will they choose?

  2. Oh the horror, that anyone representing a Western country would actually encourage violence. Of course the steady diet of hatred by the anti-Western groups get a free pass. Also the 20,000 Islamic jihadi attacks in the last decade, no outcry there.

  3. It would be a lot simpler and a lot more effective to bomb the mosque in Mecca and the kaba – and then the one in Medina – and to destroy the Dome of the Rock – that way you get rid of Islam as a whole and not only of the Muslim terrorists at the Afghan border….

  4. I have traveled through that part of the world extensively with 2 friends 1-ex Govt intelligence Frank Brosnahan the other former Speaker of Parliament Sir Peter Tapsell. I like to think I respect people’s culture and on the Pakistan Afghanistan border I saw plenty of that. Some I liked and some I did not. After that trip when Frank was on his death bed he warned me like never before that the world will face very dangerous times simply because the Muslims reject us and our western way of living and that no amount of negotiating will appease them- they will expand into our society- demand we change to their way and when we finally say no and have to enforce it- they will be serious conflict. Frank was always a very thoughtful and gentle man I can’t get over how he spoke to me in that tone in May of 2011. It was as if he wanted me to grow up to realize something important. As a writer I stand up for Palestine and have at times stood up for Iran particularly in light of western interference in their part of the world. But Franks words do haunt me.

  5. They don’t make them like that anymore. This gentleman is a dying breed.
    But with reference to previous comments here, yes get tough with them. Bombing Mecca and Medina is a great idea. If you want to kill Islam, remove the head from the snake! If there is no Kaaba and no Black Stone, there is no Islam.
    My favourite method (I’ve said this before) is to kidnap the Black Stone and remove it to an unknown nation. It’s already in pieces so remove it bit by bit, taking each piece in separate directions and flying them to unknown destinations. Make sure the Muslims can see this happening.
    Not only are you demonstrating that Allah is helpless, but Muslims would be unable to pray, as they would not know in which direction to face. To risk praying is to risk pointing your sweaty ass towards Allah. Encourage some Israelis to emigrate to Mecca and build synagogues there. Islam will be destroyed. Allah, the false god will be as good as dead and Muslims will be humiliated beyond belief!

  6. Muslims will worship whoever blows away the Kaaba and the Black Stone, because they believe Mecca is protected by the imaginary allah.

    Alas, there is no will in the west to resolve this pressing matter anytime soon….

  7. To remove the blackstone is not enough you need to grind it ….

    Back to the future – Video (in German ) The Kaba after the destruction of the mosque in Mecca :

  8. Agree with you there Softly Bob. He was around during the second world war and most likely seen some national service in his time. I have to laugh at the condemnation coming from his fellow peers, they have no clue how to deal with islam.

  9. Martin,

    I hope I live to see the day when The Lucky Black Cube is in the cross hairs of one of those laser guided bomb video clips…

  10. Yes, I object.

    How did the British previously control these areas? Yes, with guns, but also with dignity, a certain character, each man with a pride in being British.

    What has made Islam now strong, is the West’s total lack of morals. Truth and justice always conquered those who lie to lie with any carcass, employing Equality Laws where some groups are more equal than others.

    What will make Islam weak, is if the West’s populations are composed of real men. Their governments not populated by fe-men: those males who take their identity by lusting or completely rejecting the female form. They all have problems with women.

    And females don’t vote for real men either. They like the gangsta-crooks or liberal-showers, because knowing these traumatized and perverted child-states, they are no threat, and drawn to them, to care for them, to try and fix them.

    A real man is a psychological threat to any female holding their imaginary powers of dominace.

    To reclaim his ‘manhood’ a male may go into a rage and act out that he is macho, while still the frightened little boy follows him wherever he goes.

    So, in this, the peacock-male, now called a Muslim, was once a dhimmi’d-male. He was once a Socialist and the weakest kid is now the leader. The worm has turned.

    The Western male through citizenship-schooling is walking the path to become a Muslim.

    That is why blowing them up will solve nothing. There is a whole army of eggs opening up just behind you.

  11. One huge problem that I could see. The UK has 2, yes 2 nuclear devices that are submarine based. Another glaring problem is that when they procured them, one of the preconditions was that the US government controlled the launch codes.

    Kinda like saying I want to shoot my neighbour, but I have to go to the police station to ask for the bullets. Posturing is all the old fart was doing, he only made the UK look like it’s upper chamber is controlled by doddering old men with anger issues.

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