Some Muslim group holds a French prisoner and makes demands of some kind.

I removed all the slick effects from the start and end of the video as well as the URL and so on as I do not wish to aid or assist this terrorist group in any way. I merely post this, and M Laudahn translated it, to further illustrate the ethos, tactics and basic morality of these muslim gangsters.

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12 thoughts on “Some Muslim group holds a French prisoner and makes demands of some kind.

  1. You don’t make deals with terrorists, if you give in once on demands like this they will continue to take hostages until you stop paying.

  2. Thank you for that. And THAT is the perfect method to show this vermine up for what they are, yet at the same time not giving them any free publicity. I hope this will become the modus operandi in future.

    The victim has a provincial accent (South of France), which inexplicably to me makes that message even more poignant. THE BASTARDS ! (and I include in this the islamophiles and pro-jihadist in the French socialist government – especially the anti-white racist and France hater whom they have appointed “Minister of Justice” – Christine Taubira – who has done nothing but use her extreme power to subvert any Law and Justice that was still left over from the once magnificent Republique. She has also completely emasculated the French police force who cannot fight back now, even if they get stoned by what she calls “disadvantaged youth who carry the weight of colionalisation on their shoulders”, but who are nothing else but nasty, criminial islamic Arab/islamist thugs.

  3. Christine Taubira doesn’t wear a headscarf. Instead of using French Nationalism to rally people against Islam, some other base has to be found that doesn’t alienate non-Muslims of Color.

  4. I dont think Taubira is muslim, but she is militantly islamophile. As she has just about the greatest power in France where law and justice is concerned, that makes her very dangerous. She is also an anti-white racist (very common in France).

    She was just 5 minutes in her exalted job and already she decreed that “disadvantaged youth”, even recidivists, can no longer be incarcarated – “disadvantage youth” is the euphemism for criminal arab/and sub-saharian african muslims thugs. The reason she gave was: “they are carrying the stigma of colonisation on their shoulders”.

    She then further emasculated the police force by “allowing” them only one “identity control” per day on Muslims such as women who wear the full veil (despite the new law which makes it unlawfull in France). Should they want to establish the identity of a second suspect that day, they will have to fill out sooooo many formulas, that they simply desist now.

    Although officially it is not allowed to have “ethnic” statistics in France, it is a known fact that a huge marjority of violent crimes (drug trade, rape, murder, break ins etc) in France are committed by people of Arabic/Maghrebian/sub-saharan African background, often 2nd and 3rd generation of migrants.

    France is a lost cause. 🙁

  5. PS: Taubira is obsessed with playing the victim of the former French colonisation; it worked and got her the job (she was certainly the ideal token as the socialist president got 3 for the price of one: she is black, woman, and comes from a former French colony. She seeks “solidarity” with muslim/arabs etc, encouraging their professional victimhood also. Yet she should know that she would actually be enslaved, were she to live in an islamic country – as a black and as a woman.

  6. Christine Taubira reminds me of Astrid Essed in the Netherlands, another Black woman rooting for the most extreme of Muslims. But as long as the Counter-Jihad is too chummy with people who would exterminate Black people (some White Nationalists), harem slavery doesn’t seem to be such a bad deal. Maybe she thinks her daughters could give birth to Sultans and Caliphs.

  7. If it is their bad black genes continue doing bad things just to prevent white people from having a decent life, then one need to talk about it rather than afraid to talk about it for fear of being branded racist. One should not worry about alienating the non-whites, because the non-whites and moslems chose to alienate themselves and set themselves apart once they are given all the perks and benefits, as result of the generosity from the white people, not to mention that non-white and moslems people (due to their non-white or islamic political agenda or non-white greed), most often failed to support the freedom of white people or return the generosity or kindness of white people.

  8. I agree with you WPF. While anti-non-white comments are not tolerated and deemed racist by those pro-non-white brigade, anti-white comments are tolerated, without any threats of fear for one safety. So, where is the equality or fairness?

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