Near Tahrir, 3 women have clothes ripped off, chased by mob

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Near Tahrir, 3 women have clothes ripped off, chased by mob

| 25 November 2012 | 0 Comments

The women sought shelter at the Doubara Church, one of the many field hospitals around Tahrir Square.

CAIRO: An angry mob of around 300 men near Egypt’s Tahrir Square attacked and ripped three women’s clothes off and chased them near one of the field hospitals by the square.

The state-run al-Ahram newspaper reported that the women, of an unknown age, had their clothes torn from their bodies by the mob, assaulted and were then chased near the frontlines of the ongoing clashes with police on Sunday early afternoon.

The report said that protesters nearby who saw the incident intervened and rescued the women from further assault.

On Friday, as tens of thousands converged on the main Egyptian square in Cairo, more and more reports of sexual assaults against women once again came to fruition.

One incident that sparked a fervor of worries occurred near the Pizza Hut on Mohamed Mahmoud Street, with dozens of men allegedly brutally assaulting a woman on the street. According to a doctor, the woman was the victim of “mass rape.”

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One Response to Near Tahrir, 3 women have clothes ripped off, chased by mob

  1. Richard says:

    Incidents like this happen at all Egyptian protests, you would think the women would learn to avoid them.

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