Ikhwan out for revenge

The following story was sent to me by a man who runs a Coptic organization outside of Egypt who is usually very reliable and who follows the Arabic and Egyptian media closely.

He did not provide a link for this story at all and did not indicate whether or not he is OK with me using his name or organization in this story so I didn’t. Therefore please feel free to treat this article with whatever degree of veracity you feel is reasonable.

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“Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood members are enraged following news that a 15-year-old Muslim Brotherhood member was killed after an attack on the MB headquarters in Damanhour. Islam Fathy Masoud, 15, was killed and 60 others injured after the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters in Damanhour were attacked.

Muslim Brotherhood member Mohammed Abu Homar had to be restrained by fellow members following the news of the attack on their office and the death of the 15 year old. Another Brotherhood member declared “they are infidels, we will teach them a lesson, have they forgotten who we are?”

In response the Brotherhood has officially called on all their members to participate in mass demonstrations across Egypt.  Wael Ghomein speaking in Cairo said, “they {MB} are not calling on their members to demonstrate, they are sending their thugs out to confront us, they are desperate to stop our demonstration against Morsi’s decrees”.

Secular leader Abdul Hassan added “They want to remove us from Tahrir, the dogs want a violent showdown because the Brotherhood have 1000’s of violent hard-line Islamist that were freed from prisons across Egypt by Morsi”.

19 year old Faoud another protestor in Tahrir said “we did not bring down Mubarak for the Brotherhood; this is not why our brothers and friends sacrificed their lives during the 18 day revolution. We have the right to protest here, we do not want a confrontation and more violence”

Egypt is bracing itself for what is set to be wide spread violence acroos the nation, Morsi’sdecree has united the liberals and secularists, the country is divided between islamists and those seeking a democratic state.

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2 thoughts on “Ikhwan out for revenge

  1. This was to be expected, the MB is probably going to start killing anti-Morsi protesters, once this starts it won’t end until Morsi and the Ikhwan are in firm control. The only other out come would be that the Army steps in and attacks both sides, due to the lack of action when Mubaric fell I don’t see this happening.

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