Three muslims with knives and guns attack fourth in Hull area public school, crack skull, leave for dead

****UPDATE: Thanks to cementer below, a link to a very similar story has appeared. We will contact the source and confirm if this is the same incident, but the person reporting it was quite insistent at the time that all participants where Islamic. ****

This will not be in any MSM. This is an account from a student at that school as passed on to me.

Point form:

Hull school (Hull, a sort of suburb of Ottawa Canada in Quebec),  grades 7 and 8

Three Muslim kids who attend the school, objected to a facebook post of another male Muslim student at the same school, showed up with knives and guns, then proceeded to beat the student who made the objectionable facebook posts and left him for dead with a cracked skull. The student is now in hospital we are told, and eight police squad cars were on the school premises. Yet no report of this anywhere.

I will post more info as I get it. If anyone finds a related link, PLEASE post to the comments but I highly doubt you will find any.

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9 thoughts on “Three muslims with knives and guns attack fourth in Hull area public school, crack skull, leave for dead

  1. Seems police D noticed it. Have found other examples, for this year:

    And of course this: (Humberside police)NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE RESPECT PROGRAMME WINS NATIONAL AWARD, but nothing else on the police media page! (You know respect is to do with mozlems and their lack of respect for all others.)

  2. Britain is rapidly turning into a hell hole like the Middle Eastern and African nations, I can’t think of a punishment harsh enough for the leftist who caused this problem.

  3. Can none of you people read anything? (Hull, a sort of suburb of Ottawa Canada in Quebec)

    Since when was Ottawa, Canada in England.

  4. Kind of foggy in appearance. Looks like some kind of LaRaza supremacists vs. Muslim supremacists in the school yard thingy. Still a rich diversity shows itself and as long as they all learn to love hockey, who cares? OMG! There is no hockey! How will we integrate these savages?

  5. Thom and Dick (how I wish there was a Harry) In the UK we have a Hull, it is a fishing port and ferry port. I cannot speak for the Hull in Canukistan, (Sorry mate, couldn’t help meself). But it would appear you lot have one too. So lets stop the “Seeing who can piss highest up the toliet wall and get on with the job in hand HHHHHMMmmmmm?

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