Ottawa researcher’s firing derails Viking project

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Ottawa Citizen:

Ottawa researcher’s firing derails Viking project

Dr. Pat Sutherland working at an archeological site on Baffin Island known as Nanook. She believes the excavation was a building established by the Norse (aka Vikings) around 1300 or possibly earlier so they could trade for furs, narwhal tusks and walrus ivory prized by nobility in Europe. The story of Sutherland’s research will be told on the CBC show The Nature of Things on Thursday, Nov. 22.

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OTTAWA — This should be the best of times for Pat Sutherland. November’s issue of National Geographic magazine and a documentary airing Thursday night on CBC’s The Nature of Things both highlight research the Ottawa archeologist has been doing in the Canadian Arctic for the past dozen years that could fundamentally alter our understanding of our early history.

If Sutherland is right, Norse seafarers — popularly known as Vikings — built an outpost on Baffin Island, now called Nanook, centuries before Columbus blundered on to North America. Moreover, there’s evidence they traded with the Dorset, the Arctic’s ancient, now-vanished inhabitants, for as many as 400 years.

”That’s incredible,” says Andrew Gregg, who wrote, directed and produced The Norse: An Arctic Mystery, the CBC documentary that recounts Sutherland’s findings. “That rewrites all the history books.”

But Sutherland’s pleasure at the recognition her discoveries are receiving has been sharply tempered by a harsh reality. Last April, even as the documentary about her work was being filmed, the 63-year-old, then curator of Arctic archeology at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, was abruptly dismissed from her job.

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9 thoughts on “Ottawa researcher’s firing derails Viking project

  1. Blackbird:

    Its massive. It means that anyone who finds anything that is inconvenient to the PC narrative, of in this case, Amer-Indians as the first and rightful people of North America will be destroyed. Search for articles on entire archeological digs of Nordic people encampments and settlements in North America that predate any record of Amer-Indians or Inuit peoples. Yet you won’t find a single Danish casino anywhere.

    Its massive because once again we see truth take a back seat to cultural Marxism.

  2. BL@KBIRD I think Eeyore is interested in the Global warming hoax. Baffin Island usually has Sea ice around it year round until recently. If the Vikings were there they would have needed land access.

    In other words the vikings started the global warming or was it the Egyptians.
    I heard this argument by the loonies. That the Ancient Egyptians created the Sahara Desert.

    Myth and Facts of the hoax:

  3. Eeyore:

    I remember reading in history books way back that Columbus got his ideas from fisherman and trappers. And the northern sections of the new world were desolate and the southern part were not friendly people. But it was only hear-say this puts more weight into the story.

  4. OxAO the Vikings visited North America during the Medieval warming, the average global tempature was higher then the warming freaks predict and the ice caps were smaller. Back then Baffin was open for at least part of the year.

    Eeyore don’t forget the skeleton that was found (I can’t remember where) during the Clinton administration, the skull showed pure European features rather then the Mongoloid of the American Indians. The political activists in the tribes sued to stop people examining the skeleton and Clinton had about 1000 tons of gravel dumped on the dig site to screw up the findings. I know a Cherokee woman that was livid over the actions, she wanted to know more about Europeans being here several thousand years ago.

  5. Richard you are talking about the Kennewick people who were before the Clovis.

    The whole race seems to have been exterminated by canalization from what we all call the Native Americans. The Mayans and Aztecs whom never built the buildings we see today they took them

    The Vikings legions were correct the people that lived here were not friendly

  6. Many countries in asia was also originally built and developed by white civilization, but now are sadly swamped by only unfriendly, grasping, greedy, hostile, unfair non-white people.

  7. I call them American Indians, calling them Native Americans delegitimizes all besides the American Indians, and since I have a little Cherokee in my ancestry I can usually get away with not being PC on this subject.

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