Videos of conflict in Egypt today

Magic Martin has been digging up videos of the current conflict in Egypt between Morsi’s Muslim brotherhood that have “made themselves the new Pharaoh” and secularists.


This looks like a fairly good explanation of what is taking place and why.

This is from an Egyptian news service from today. Don’t know where yet but it appears to be the military preparing for a large stand off with civilians, presumably unhappy with Morsi’s new status as a deity.

The one below appears to be from a highly symbolic st. in Cairo leading from Tahrir Sq. to the interior ministry

Same Street, more clashes.

View from above, same st. Clearly there is no effective litter laws in Cairo. That alone is worth a riot ow two. How the cops can eat in the middle of all that noise and garbage is a mystery I do not want solved.

Attack on the F&J (Morsi) party HQ today:

What appear to be rioters setting fire to Muslim Brotherhood offices in Suez:

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13 thoughts on “Videos of conflict in Egypt today

  1. Bla@kbird you might want to rethink your statement, those are the anti-MB people, the more hell they raise in Egypt the less secure Morsi is, they have trapped him because if he doesn’t put down the riots he will fall from power, but he has to be wondering if the Military will support him. He can turn the militant arm of the MB lose but the last time they were used they didn’t have any better weapons then the rioters.

    I say let the riots play out and see what happens to Morsi and the MB.

  2. CNN = The top floor of an eight-story apartment building caught on fire Friday night, and protesters said it was because of a police tear gas canister. Protesters were on top of the building earlier in the day.

    The building is on Mohamed Mahmoud Street, about 100 yards from the square. It is across the street from a school where police and protesters have been in a standoff for five days, with police firing tear gas and protesters throwing Molotov cocktails.

  3. Wow. I didn’t think anything could get that bad, and i thought the riots inh London were shocking!! But to be honest, at least they are piping up that they don’t want him as a leader…

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