This is the man in an actual prison, in solitary, no trial, (yet) indoors with no view for 23 1/2 hours a day

This seemed a good time to repeat our May interview with Tommy Robinson.

As I have stated before. When you marginalize the reasonable voices, you may not like what you get as a result. Just look at Greece and now Spain.

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7 thoughts on “This is the man in an actual prison, in solitary, no trial, (yet) indoors with no view for 23 1/2 hours a day

  1. The bastards responsible for imprisoning Tommy with no respect for his rights, (yet condoning the release of vermin like Abu Qatada) will one day pay for this.

  2. Britain is rapidly becoming a police state, how long will it be before the peaceful resistance turns violent?

    Britain should take a good hard look at what is happening in Greece and Spain before they continue down the current path.

    Thanks for the info on Spain, as I have said before this is what I have been waiting for, the ordinary people are organizing and starting to act, this is what will save Europe from the Moslems. The big question is will it save Civilization?

  3. There must be some rich people there who could get him a top lawyer….somewhere,….some support for him….
    Pam Geller has an amazing team of highly intelligent and successful lawyers to help her
    EDL needs some of the same

  4. Softly Bob- This phenomena is not so much about the preferential treatment dished out Abu Qatada, an Islamic fundamentalist, but rather the DIFFERENTIAL and less favorable treatment afforded to TR for his so called “Far Right” views which seems to be a constant. It seems to be no more or no less than State INSTITUTIONALIZED anti-white racism/prejudice. In short it is not TR they are after but the views he represents and this is a constant. The curious thing about all phenomena is its constancy and this one is no different! Little wonder that Tony Bladder & Co got rid of the law on treason! Obviously, he was more than just a pretty, mouse face!

    No one understands why, just why TR will not assert his God given human rights?

  5. Santor early on I realized that the human rights groups supported only rights for minorities, if you were white it was and is safe to deny you your rights, no one will protest in you behalf for fear of being called racist.

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