Of infidels, muslims and dogs.

I think this may be one of the best juxtapositions of Islam and humanity. How each treats our closest animal companions.

First, Islam historically and in Islamic scripture:

From Bukhari Vol. 4, #540

Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar: Allah’s Apostle ordered that the dogs should be killed.

Link contains many many more examples. 


Two Muslims kept dog in filthy car for weeks. 

And in many western cities:



And many more examples of contemporary treatment of dogs by Muslims in the name of Islam are available by search. Iran, for example, has banned them altogether in public. For the moment.

In the West however, the symbiotic relationship between man and dog may have reached a new pinnacle. A point where the benefits to both are staggering and imminent.

This is what a science and compassion based culture can achieve, as opposed to a hate filled supremacist one.

Please click through for the story and enjoy the video below right to the end.

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7 thoughts on “Of infidels, muslims and dogs.

  1. WHO IS A KAFIR – Abu Muwahhid

    This guy does a fantastic job at explaining who we are:

    Couple of things he says:
    Our Neighbors:
    Ask them how they are doing. When they ask for Sugar give them sugar if they ask for milk give them milk. But we must feel hatred for the Kafirs then he goes on and explains how they must be humiliated

  2. Abu is a typical, “moderate” koranimal. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he’s on the guest list at the white hut.

  3. When I was younger and just left the Marines (mid 80’s) I had a bit of time on my hands and a pocket full of cash. I always wanted to see the South of the states and kicked over the Harley and headed to Florida. Read a book by a guy named Hemingway and wanted to see why he thought the place was so great.

    When I arrived there I met these good old boys that had a few beers with me and ask me if I liked hunting. I told them I hunted deer in Michigan when I was younger and liked it but, I sure didn’t like freezing half to death waiting for a good buck to take a shot at.

    The old boys said “well son we surely never freeze down here and we never wait, we hunt”. They took me out to their place where I met the most ferocious pack of Doberman and Rottweilers I had ever seen. They let the dogs out of the kennel and said “lets go”.

    After the dogs went off with us following I heard barking, growling, and what sounded like a good fight going on. The old boys looked at me and said “here’s the hunt”, I asked them in a state of shear confusion “where are your guns”? They pulled out Bowie knives and told me “all you Yankees think you need a gun”.

    We walked to the sound of the pandemonium that was the dogs to find the biggest wild boar I had ever seen in my life being dragged down by the pack of Dobies and Rotts. When they had succumbed the boar, one of the old boys calmly walked up and cut the boars throat.

    As I watched the biggest, meanest, tusk bearing creature I had ever seen in my life silently bleed out in front of me, one of the old boys nudged me and grinned and said “now that’s hunting son”.

    That day gave me a new respect for the symbiotic relationship between canine and human and left me with a new way to hunt.

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