Jewish pupils attacked outside school in Paris

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(JTA) — Students and faculty of a predominantly Jewish school near Paris have reported two attacks and one break-in in the space of 48 hours.

The first attack against students of the ORT high school in Montreuil, an eastern suburb of the French capital, occurred on Nov. 19 just outside the institution’s gates, according to a statement issued by the school. Six young men started hitting a small group of students “in a very determined way and without any provocation or even exchanging words.”

Pupils who rushed to their schoolmates’ aid – including one non-Jewish ORT student of Turkish descent — also were attacked, according to ORT.  The attackers slammed one of them, Nathan M., against a parking meter. “He was severely beaten by the attackers, who fractured his nose and broke several of his teeth,” according to ORT’s report on the incident. Police were called to the scene but the attackers had already left.

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4 thoughts on “Jewish pupils attacked outside school in Paris

  1. The Brown Shirts are busy attacking their supposed enemy. The Jews in all European nations need to either immigrate to Israel or North America, or arm themselves and start organizing militias to protect them since the government isn’t gong to.

  2. In Germany, a split-off of the German equivalent of UAF, waves Israeli flags, and does criticize Islam, so something along those lines should be possible. Still people are comparing “Islamophobia” to Anti-Semitism.

  3. From Dr. Andrew Bostom’s book “Sharia vs. Freedom”, pg. 170:

    “…Bat Ye’or summarized the bitter harvest western Europe was reaping from the sociopolitical and culural changes it had sewn over the intervening three decades, the result

    ‘of a global movement that is transforming Europe into a new contenent of dhimmitude within a worldwide strategy ofj ihad and da’wa, the latter being the pacific method of Islamization…this policy of dhimmitude for the Euro-Arabian continent…entitled ‘Dialogue between Peoples and Cultures in the Euro-Mediterranean Region” was accepted by the European Union in december 2003. Unfortunately, the policy of “Dialogue” with the Arab League nations, willfully pursued by Europe for the past yhree decades has promoted European dhimmitude and rabid Judeophobia.”

    And rabid Judeophobia is an apt characterization. During a November 14, 2005 presentation at the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington DC, Stephen Steinlight, former director of education at the US Holocaust Memorial Council, and subsequently director of national affairs at the American Jewish Committee, cited data demonstratingthat Muslim youths, or more appropriately, youthful Muslim thugs, engaged in an average of twelve attacks per day on Parisian Jews, “putting the figures…close to [those] during the days of the Weimar Republic.”

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