7 Men Charged with Child Sexual Offences after Wycombe Raids

Recently in Italy, a number of seismologists were actually sent to jail for failing to accurately predict the future. No malice, no criminal intent, they just didn’t have enough data to accurately predict a seismological event, or, they got it wrong as science does some of the time.

Well if we applied that standard to England, I wonder what we could do to journalists who knowingly and deliberately buried stories about massive Muslim child-rape-gangs because it didn’t fit their own personal narrative. If I were them, I would start writing the facts out as they really are, without equivocation or obfuscation or Frankfurt school justifications for these actions. It is time we let the victims and the host cultures decide what is in their own interest without the anesthesia of these left-wing-extremist propagandists masquerading as journalists.


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6:55am 22nd November 2012.

Police Raids in Bucks Target Suspected Child Abuse Gang

Police have arrested eight men in their 20s, in connection with alleged child sexual exploitation

Police have charged two men from High Wycombe with rape and child trafficking within the UK.

21 year old Iblal Fiaz and Khasim Fiaz who’s 22, both of St George’s Close in High Wycombe are due to appear in front of Aylesbury magistrates today (Thursday).

Five other suspected members of a child grooming gang, arrested following police raids on Tuesday morning, are also due in court, charged with multiple offences relating to the abuse and sexual exploitation of a child.

They are: Kasam Dadd (23) from Gibbs Close; Mohammed Adnan (21) from Upper Green Street; Janaid Sharif (26) from Cambridge Crescent; Mudasser Hussain (28) from Abbey Barn Road and Mohammed Jubroin Khan (21) from Rutland Avenue.

In total, the seven men have been charged with 32 offences.

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