Why as a Muslim and a mother I believe it’s so damaging to hide from the truth about Asian sex gangs

Daily Mail:

By Yasmin Alibhai – Brown

PUBLISHED: 19:52 EST, 20 November 2012 | UPDATED: 19:52 EST, 20 November 2012

A bleak, stomach-turning report on child sex abuse by gangs was published yesterday by the Office of the Children’s Commission.

It recounts how, between 2010 and 2011, more than 2,500 children — mostly girls — were groomed, repeatedly violated, sold, beaten and terrorised.

Thousands more remain invisible and unheard. The report concludes that agencies that should have helped them didn’t hear their stories or look after them as they should have.

Bleak: The Children's Commission has published a report on child sex abuse by gangsBleak: The Children’s Commission has published a report on child sex abuse by gangs

But, ironically, the report writers, too, try hard to side-step some difficult facts and even warn the rest of us from going where they have chosen not to tread.

Here is what Sue Berelowitz, the Deputy Children’s Commissioner who led the inquiry, has to say: ‘Perpetrators come from all ethnic groups, and so do their victims — contrary to what some may wish to believe.’

Yes, we know they come from all backgrounds. But that rather cutting second line is directed at people like me who believe that in some British cities — especially in the North of England — circles of sexual hell for young girls are run by gangs of Muslim men (most of Pakistani or Bangladeshi heritage) who mostly prey on white girls.

The report was led by Deputy Children's Commissioner Sue BerelowitzThe inquiry was led by Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz

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29 thoughts on “Why as a Muslim and a mother I believe it’s so damaging to hide from the truth about Asian sex gangs

  1. And why do they persist to call them “Asian”, if they allow an ethnic identifier at all? Is it to make it sound as if Chinese Buddhists are these child tortures and pimps?

  2. Outside of the obligatory attacks on the EDL the article was right on the mark, however the statement that the government is afraid of the EDL using the crimes to generate hatred is wrong. They are already using the crimes to get people to support them, by hiding the extent of the problem and refusing to admit it is a racist hate crime they are guaranteeing that vigilante action will take place.

  3. At the very least they could say Pakistani instead of Asian. It is true you cannot look into someone’s head and see of someone in REALLY Muslim, but Pakistanis have Muslim privilege. They can enter mosques without wearing a beard.

  4. The last like 8 horrific news stories have been from England. Yet I’ve heard of non of them in the news. If people were actually given the news???

  5. This skank Berelowitz proves my point that you can not only forget about the toads running things in fish and chip land but especially is the toad in question is of Jewish origin.

    I feel sorry for the young girls. I have 2. I would gladly kill anyone doing that to any of mine.

    Sorry girls of England. Keep on taking it. England abandoned you a long time ago.

  6. 2,500 X 30 years = 75,000 minimum. Minimum assuming it’s the tip of the iceburg as the post says.

    Several girls have said on camera on british television that they end up having to service muslim men “in the double digits” for days and weeks on end. Let’s be be charitalbe (to the wrong people) and insist that these girls only went thru one day of this and that the smallest possible double digit is 10.

    that means:

    75,000 x 10 = at the very least, 750,000 muslim men living in Britian could have payed these gangs to basically rape a teenager between the ages of 11 and 15.

    What’s the population of muslim men in Briton? Welp, Population of muslims in england 2,869,000, population of male muslims 1,434,500 (a little higher actually as the percentage is 54%, not 50% but whatevs). in 2001 muslims under the age of 16 were 34% of the muslim population.

    So adult muslim men = around 956,333. Rather alarmingly close to 750,000 isn’t it.

    Of course there are all sorts of other factors and variables such as income level etc and of course the calculations are grossly over simplified. There are lots of other factors and variables to take into account.

    My numbers cannot possibly be accurate but they do indicate that the real numbers are shockingly high. A shocking amount of muslim men have participated as consumers.

    This is NOT just about the grooming gangs themselves.

    It does indicate why the numbers on this have been released in dribs and drabs. If Britons had any idea the actual percentage or number of muslim men (can’t possibly be my numbers but they are quite high) who have participated in this- Well I don’t know what would happen.

  7. And those 75,000 lives have been perminantly ruined and their families perminantly scarred. These girls succumb to lives of drug abuse and mental illness eventually leading to overdoses and suicide.

    As much as my gorge rises whenever people cite Enoch Powerll, we all have to admit that this appears to be rather a bit worse than what he must have been thinking of when he referred to the Tibre.

    Don’t you?

  8. Oh, and in the battle of Britain 23,000 civilians died.

    The total British civilian casualties in WWII?


    Those numbers are less than 75,000.

  9. From the article “Every Asian and Muslim I know, including some imams, want these monsters exposed, named and put away.”

    Erm. A) That’s what they said to you, a woman who B) most likely interacts with a certain class of people with a certain level of education. I seriouly doubt men who frequent even “normal” prostitutes talk about it openly and certainly not with people they know would not approve of it.

    The article says ‘Perpetrators come from all ethnic groups, and so do their victims — contrary to what some may wish to believe.’

    But then where are all the news stories about this grand ethnic rainbow of predators who are turning your countries children into prostitutes? Ten Pakistani gangs and one Europian gang does not a grand ethnic rainbow make.

  10. “More dangerously still, the British public is starting to think that we Asians hide and excuse the child rapists — and, that way, we all become sinners.”


    How else could it have gone on for decades in communities where everyone knows what everyone else is doing? Without a doubt a hell of a lot of the men knew.

    yet in the dacades this has been happening almost nobody from these communities has alerted the police. In communities where everyone knows what everyone else is up to. Of course they were hiding and excusing the rape gangs. Oh and let’s not forget participating as consumers.

    If you become christian you can’t hide it from the community as someone invariably “rats you out”. Yet we’re supposed to believe that with that eastern block level of surveilance they don’t know all about these grooming gangs?

    They have to know and so they have to have been hiding and excusing them (or maybe even embracing them). Otherwise the level of abuse directed at “outed” christian converts would also be directed at these gangs.

    But it ain’t, Blanch. It ain’t.

  11. Hi!


    Today I had occasion to respond to two articles in The Daily Mail by making comment in relation to the grooming and raping of white English girls by UK based Pakistani gangs – one article on Sue Berelowitz, the other by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown who are both apologists for these criminals. Fortunately Margot James was given some voice.

    Both of my comments were censored by DM because I had the effrontery to mention ”multi-culti” and “immigration” and “Pakistanis”. Who controls the DM when they publish all sorts of PC comment to which legitimate adverse comment cannot be made?

    The gist of my comments were to the effect that prior to the mass immigration and mulitculturalisation of the UK and Europe grooming and gang-raping did not exist and since most of these gangs are of Pakistani extraction one should assume that they have introduced the practice with their arrival. Add to this the cult of islam which these people follow, and the introduction of sharia law it will not be long before white girls are terrorised slaves.

    I would remind the PC of Hitler and Chamberlain, who tried appeasement, it did not work and it took a World War followed by Communist oppression to be thrown off before The Western World again breathed freely.

    Is The World to be again thrown into Darkness by a cult which treats women as chattels to be abused by gangs of rapists?


  12. I generally feel Yasmin Alibhai Brown (or YAB) has turned a mediocre talent into a lucrative career, by pushing the white guilt button, playing the race card, and jumping on the latest bandwagon. Her condemnation here of a widely criticized report simply follows that pattern

    However, she’s spot on when she points out the discreditable attempts to brush aside the issue of organized gangs of muslim men who abuse non-Muslim children She rightly criticizes the Report for trying to steer us away from the unpalatable truth, but the Report was criticized even before publication, by those who suspected it would attempt to distort reality and minimize the issue of muslim pedophile gangs to avoid criticism of the muslim community

    I don’t know why the idiotic authorities feel they can get away with such politically correct nonsense, but they fool no one. They pretend it isn’t happening and try to distract us with weasel words but everybody knows what’s going on and they despise the authorities for their willingness to put our children at risk rather than cause offense to the muslim community by speaking the truth.

    The dishonesty and reluctance to acknowledge any problems within a minority community and the two tier justice system that has arisen in this country is doing much more damage to so called community relations than any acknowledgment of unpleasant reality would do.

    As Yab points out, the Report tries hard to ‘’side-step some difficult facts and even warns the rest of us from going where they have chosen not to tread’’

    This politically correct whitewash will satisfy the multi cult blinkered left, but everyone else will view it with scorn. Just how thick do they think we are?

  13. I think any sane person will agree that this is happening because:

    1. Political correctness and multiculturalism forbids the leftist from interfering when people of other ethnicity are at work.

    2. The leftists have created a culture of sexual liberty and sexual perversion, where it is normal for young girls to dress slutty, have sex and get drunk.

    3. The people who perpetrate this criminal acts are not butchered like the pigs they are.

    The solution to this problem is simple.

    1. Start using add-campaigns, the educational system and the police too systematically remove Islam from our society. Bombard them with commercials and tell the teachers to attack every aspect of there barbaric believes, the same should be done to any culture and religion that does not properly respect western culture.*

    2. Arrest everyone who supports a sex-free and child-sex environment: These would include politicians, teachers, entertainers, businessmen or social-counselors. Anyone who thinks a girl below 16 should be sexual active is a potential pedophile and pervert and is corrupting the youth and should be arrested.

    3. Anyone who rapes or who engages in a relationship with an underage child should be arrested and after his guilt has been proven in a trial, should be tortured to death and hung at his local village/neighborhood square for all to see.

    * Western culture isn’t defined, it applied in a convenient way. What ever is called western culture, is western culture; even if definitions contradict each other. This is how a constitution law works, this is how western law works.

  14. Truthiocity cut the number of men in half or maybe down to one third, some, probably a lot, of the men would be repeat offenders visiting the rape centers several times a week if they could afford to.

  15. @Bobbejane

    To Muslim standards, even good Christian girls are sluts. But if we are willing to sacrifice sexual freedom/license, it is more appropriate to take abortion into account. Worldwide there are 50 million abortions a year. This is easily worse than the “Suffering of the Palestinian People”. Constantly drive home this fact, and connect it to the eternal damnation the followers of lies will get after death.

  16. @oogenhand

    You may be putting me in the wrong ideological camp.

    I am not completely against abortions: I would allow it after rape, some teen pregnancies, when the child is defective or when the mother runs the risk of dying.

    But when i read about woman wanting to get abortions because a child would be inconvenient, my stomach turns. An abortion is a terrible decision to make and that’s my opinion on the matter.

    Truthfully i belief our society is being corrupted by this grey, mechanical and soulless sexuality on the one side and this lustful, sadistic and dark sexuality on the other side, and it’s killing love between people and motherhood.

    I am an extremist in this matter, i don’t belief that we can be fully human until our sexuality becomes centered around romance, intimacy and motherhood again – until this happens our society is completely lost.

    As you can see the Muslims are part of this equation – there is no love or intimacy in there culture only violence, suppression and incest; the men behave like lustful animals that choke there woman while they mate with them. The theme about Islamic sexuality is choking woman.

    The fight against Islam, the Left and the fundamentalists is a fight against there sexuality: I want to life in a culture that appreciates chastity and love.

  17. The fact that those Asian Moslems and Asian non-moslems go around spouting demeaning hate speech brazenly and publicly, against white people for no valid reason just showed the deterioration caused by their by their bad asian upbringing and bad Asian culture.If they hate the white people so much, they should not be in Europe or the West or use European Western education system to make money..

  18. @oogenhand

    1. The idea that Leftism and Islam are on the same side is simply wrong – if you look at history you will see that Nazism and Bolshevism where once allies, that during the French revolution (classical-)Liberal, Democratic, Anarchistic and Socialistic elements where all mixing to create chaos, or a more contemporary example – Christian-democratism in Europe that mixes Lutheran, Reformed, Catholic, (classical-)Liberal and Social-Democratic influences, even though those movements have been opposed in the past. The marriage between the left and Islam is one of convenience, both want to smoke out the ruling (classical-) liberal and democratic elite from there seats, after that both go two completely different directions, except that both would be totalitarian.

    2. I would not support spreading abortion beyond the basic precepts i have laid down, because any movement beyond that would make the Muslims even more vicious and corrupt. But the point is moot, because with spreading abortion you mean the modern western equivalent which puts a mark after several months, after which a woman can’t get an abortion and which uses modern medical techniques to safeguard the safety of the mother. Islamic abortion is using a needle and then dumping the fetes or baby in a shallow grave. Morocco and many other Muslim countries have child graves full of aborted babies. The natural result of a society that is sexually unnatural and doesn’t use birth control.

    3. The only natural act is to arrest everyone who used and abused those children and those who publicly support or make public excuses, give them a trial and if found guilty they will be executed, preferably by public hanging, after which the corpses are guarded and placed in public spaces in a airtight translucent box. Those criminals that don’t have first degree (wife, children) relatives will see all there belongings reposed by the state and sold to pay for the psychological help that these young girls need. Those who only have wives will see half of there belongings taken away from them and those with children, will see there children taken away from them and placed in a foster home and half there belongings used to re-educate the children to make sure they don’t grow up like there father.

    The Islamic and all other barbaric communities should be attacked with constant government propaganda on media-networks, schools, at the workplace and in public streets and by enacting laws banning (halal-meats, mosques, head-coverings and circumcision.), the goal is to drive out anyone who thinks he can be a Muslim in Europe and life in peace, or convert anyone who is unsure which side there one.

    4. After this the problem should be mostly solved in Europe, with the exceptions of Albania and there will still be problems in the Middle East and Africa, but those have to be solved in period spanning decades, perhaps even a century and should be undertaken by an imperialistic and expansionist Atlantic Federation (mostly Europe and North-America)

  19. Bobbejane the left and the Moslems are on the same side to an extent, both are using the other to attack Western Civilization, they don’t really like each other but are willing to be temporary allies.

  20. @Richard

    That is what i wrote down

    “The marriage between the left and Islam is one of convenience, both want to smoke out the ruling (classical-) liberal and democratic elite from there seats, after that both go two completely different directions, except that both would be totalitarian”

  21. perchancetodream I’ve noticed it takes a long time for British newspapers to show comments after they are made. Check back and you might see they have been published. I see language such as you say you used all the time in comments on British newspapers such as the Daily News.

    I suspect they make it a pain in the neck for a reason, They don’t want people to spam or otherwise make a lot of comments (er, ha ha ha?).

    Check the page again in a few hours.

    NYTimes does it too.

  22. Ugh. I keep re arranging this but can’t seem to keep it from being a mess so I’ll just post as is and hope for the best

    Richard. Thanks. Iv’e tried to figure out all the variables and there are so many, many of which interact with each other – and I’m of an artistic temperment rather than mathematical so I don’t expect my own calculations to be remotely correct.

    However, as to your suggestion that the number is smaller. It isn’t. It’s quite a bit bigger. I was estimating THE MINIMUM.

    Double digits means MORE than 10 but I can only go by 10. Also I only calculated for only 1 day of misstreatment but they are submitted to this for days and weeks on end. I used bare minimums, other wise that 750,000 could easily be 1,500,000 or even a multiple of that, repeat business or no. it’s not possible to know how many are repeat *retch* customers so it can’t be factored in.

    And the number I gave for the population didn’t take into account all the illegals.

    That 750,000 was meant to be the minimum who’ve participated in the last 30 years. I’m sure a fair amount of them have asfixiated from breathing in too many hummus farts or accidentally bashing their own brains out while shoving their heads into the floor, but a lot of them are still walking around. And if you rape a little girl once – then walk around for 30 years- yer still a pedo rapist.

    The exact number is hard to determine but is undeniably so large that some proffessional should have tried to figure it out by now.

  23. They probably have, but as I said the repeats, and there were a lot, figure out of every 100 customers 60 to 70 will be repeat customers. I am using the figures that were given in a trial of a madam where I was on the jury, since these customers weren’t Moslems and were using adult prostitutes the repeat figure may be higher, age also will play a part on the repeat business but I don’t know enough criminology to figure out this factor. Even using my figures the number will be on a rough guess close to half a million. Which is a low number given the Moslem population of Britain and the cultural acceptance of actions like these.

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